Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pagoda Punch

I love the pagoda as a motif (as if that were a surprise). I love pagoda-shaped objects, pagoda-printed fabric, pagoda-inspired tableware - I'll take it all. I try to keep the actual pagodas I bring home to a respectable number so as to not turn the house into a total pagoda-fest, but I'm always looking for pagoda decor for the fun of it.

I've had a little list going of current items that I love from around the web that I thought you might enjoy if you like a pagoda sprinkled here or there like I do...

If you liked my Lucketts pagoda/bamboo chandy, I found the exact same chandelier recently on Etsy, and although it's not my steal of $65, I think it is a great price at $199 - very affordable for a unique light fixture that is just calling for spray paint or leave as is!

Or perhaps you'd like your pagoda in a fabric. This Thibaut fabric is in the prettiest colorway and I love its varying pagodas - perfect for curtains, pillows, a headboard - you name it!

Or what about this statement pagoda birdcage? I could see this perched in a sunroom...or perhaps given a coat of high-gloss paint for a spunky accent piece. And if you happen to be getting married, this would make the perfect card catcher on your gift table, which would then turn into a wonderful keepsake.

And last but not least, I came across this super-chic find for your backyard via the Stylebeat blog. I'm actually considering this pagoda purchase...we are on the verge of finally working on the outside of our house and I am SOOOO tempted to purchase this umbrella for our's perfection. I like the green, but also wish it came in other colors! I don't think you can get this online, but check out your local Pier 1.

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