Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fabric Find: Elephant Walk by Brunschwig & Fils

Friends - do you happen to be decorating a room for a young lady? Because I found an amazing fabric listing on Etsy for your project - 1.5 yds of Elephant Walk by Brunschwig & Fils:

Paint a vintage bed pink and make a bolster to go with orange and white bedding...then upholster a chair in lipstick red with pink piping and this fabric as another pillow. Or make some pelmet boxes to tie these colors together. You can do a lot with 1.5 yards of fabric!

And don't forget the touches of black and brown in the elephant...maybe a black and white rug would look great in this mix? Or a pair of black gourd lamps sitting on an orange dresser? There is a lot we can do with this.

(Speaking of, do you know I can take something like this and create a room plan for you? I get that question a good bit so now you know.)

Please buy this and tell me what you're going to do with it. Listing link here...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Crush

My favorite shop in the whole wide world - the Caspari flagship in Charlottesville, VA - has these amazing prints for sale. The box buys you a set of 40 (!) and you know there are so many visual treasures inside - ready for some awesome frames and to be hung as sets. Call the shop if you want in - 434-817-7880. And ask them about that AWESOME lamp while you are at it.

Gearing up for a dreary weekend here...hope the sun is shining bright where you are. Have a fab weekend - see you next week!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lemons Removable Wallpaper

File this under things you should know about: removable wallpaper.

Specifically this one, with lemons dancing among tones of fleshy nude and dusty mint:

Are you a Rifle Paper Co. fangirl like me? Rejoice! This paper is definitely in that style (thought NOT by RPC!)

In general, this removable wallpaper thing is very intriguing - I heard about it a while ago (I think when Spoonflower started selling the concept) and it only recently surfaced in my brain as I need some for a little project at home - a project that only requires a tiny bit of paper in a spot where I don't  want high commitment (read: easy to take it down if needed). I didn't go with this one above but I'm interested to see how it goes up and looks when complete. Will fill you in on the deets when I get to it.

Do you like this lemon situation? I am heart-eyed-emoji about it. PERFECT for a nursery or little girl's room.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Red Beds

Design by Natalie Hodgins and Kate Stuart of Sarah Richardson Design
Photo by Stacey Brandford for Country Living

Since having children, red has made its way into my life. I literally NEVER used the color in any decorating whatsoever but it felt like 100% the right choice for the kids' spaces. Ana Claire's nursery got a heavy dose of red with bedskirts, a light fixture, side table, and curtain trim. And Mac's nursery's primary color is shaping up to be red. And I love it.

And I love this room above with it's tailored color palette of red, white and gray. Those twin beds and quilts are bananas. And I love the juxtaposition of the strong color against bright, white walls. It's all so simple but striking.

May your Wednesday be simple and striking as well. Happy hump day!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Crush

Rejoice! Sumptuous table-setting season is back! This image from Eddie Ross' Instagram feed was just what I needed to get me geared up for entertaining season. I understand the ease of patio dining but nothing compares to setting a gorgeous layered table indoors. Do we think those are brass julep cups? Because I need some. In other news, who has their hands on Eddie's book? I also need that.

Ana Claire wrapped up her first week of preschool and starts ballet for teeny people this weekend. I wouldn't trade this phase for anything, as it has been a blast, but where did the time go?? On another note, I love the feeling of possibility on a Friday - those moments when you think you are going to accomplish everything on your list this weekend. Here's hoping it all gets done. Have a fabulous weekend...see you next week!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two Lessons

Design by Palmer Weiss, photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy for House Beautiful

Let's learn two things from this design today:

1) Paint your built-ins and moldings. Would this design be half as good if the built-ins were white? Whenever I mention painting moldings people look at me like I'm crazy but we design buffs know this is a shortcut to chic. And if you also have built-ins and the guts to do it all THE REWARD WILL BE GREAT.

2) Paint your walls to match your upholstery. I have not contemplated this one enough. I'm all about architectural details blending with the wall color but I had a mind-bender looking at the genius of this photo with the walls and built-ins matching the sofa upholstery. It makes it all so cozy and rich but achieving this is not hard. You just have to have vision and confidence.

That is all. Proceed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Catalog Pick: Aztec Pillows

Stumbled across some fancy pillows at Home Decorators that I thought we should all put on our radar. I love a good Southwestern motif and the cobalt + black color combo is 100% on point.

Both from the Aztec Collection (which apparently is only comprised of these two pillows):

The square Xtec Pillow is 18", $35 INCLUSIVE of the insert and ships free. The lumbar Diamond Southwest Pillow is $32 INCLUSIVE of the insert and ships free. This is a stylish deal to be had, folks. Both should likely be purchased and mix and match away with what you have now.

And I'll be Capt. Obvious that new pillows are the perfect way to usher in Fall and spice up your current look and these are oh-so warm and moody. Do it!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Crush

If you can't get enough monograms in your life, you should be following Saddle Stitches Monograms - a Kentucky-based custom monogramming and embroidery shop - on Instagram. Eye-candy galore, such as this specimen pictured above. That orange is glorious and the monogram is perfection.

Remember when I said Labor Day would be used to regroup? Didn't happen. This week has been terrible and, thus, I'm still floundering. But I'll get there. I'm going to turn my house upside down this weekend until I find the reset button so I can push it.

Hope you have a great one! See you next week!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pagoda Patio Purchase

I didn't think I would ever see this day, but it has arrived.

We have purchased a pagoda-shaped umbrella for our patio. I think I caught Carter in a weak moment.

Have I blogged about this umbrella before? I can't remember - it's from Pier 1 and I have coveted it for a long time. We went with Spice to accent our brick patio:

But if our patio had different colors, I would have gotten the Marine Blue:

There is also green, turquoise and some many to choose from!

Of course we pulled the trigger a couple of weeks before Labor Day so we paid more than we should have, but I wasn't about to mess with Carter agreeing to buy one to wait out a sale.

But you can get a FANTASTIC deal on these guys as they are only $70 at the moment. That's crazy.

See them all here...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Crush

Design by Miles Redd

Friends, there is much to catch you up on. I'm in the midst of a decorating blitzkrieg (and I'm using lots of red, hence the image selection above). After being slightly dormant for a bit (mostly due to the birth of my second human), I suddenly find myself in a whirlwind of projects - some my own and a big one for a client.

And it feels goooood.

It's all happened so quickly that I haven't had a moment to put together blog posts but I will. I'm giving myself the holiday weekend to regroup but I'm hoping to have interesting tidbits to share on the blog this fall. Mac's nursery! A basement renovation! Our updated master bath! And more!

We are going to wiggle our toes in the sand one last time this weekend and then, hallelujah, it will be Fall. I hope you have some wonderful plans for the long weekend. See you next week!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pink Stairwell

I'm having all of the good feelings about this pink stairwell currently featured on Design Sponge:

It's the Maine home of Ayumi Horie and Chloe Beaven and it's spectacular. A very traditional home full of delightful, cheerful touches. My favorite of which is this stairwell. You would think that painting a stairwell pink would result in a shocking display of color but can we agree that this looks very natural and fresh? Effortless style.

I can't get enough of old homes that just teem with character - it makes my soul happy. This entire home is a must-see - check it out here...

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