Friday, February 28, 2014

Farewell February

February was rough. I won't sugarcoat it. There was a lot of sadness around me. And it's been frigid...a reflection of how we've all been feeling.

I think I'm the only human who counts Spring as one of her least favorite seasons but this year, I'm ready. Ready for some warmth that will kiss us with sunshine and hopefully warm some very achy hearts. We all need the renewal that March will start to bring us.

On that note, enjoy the start of the new month this weekend. And see you next week.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Geometric Jacquard

Like most things, geometrics come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And they are all pretty good. My preference is usually for a looser, more tribal geometric versus something tight, bright and preppy (like my blog it for a background but a little bright for my house).

This geometric jacquard from RM Coco is exactly what I love - great color, wonderful geometric and the perfect small-scale to pair with larger patterns.

Those colors are pretty fantastic. And seeing how this is jacquard, it's going to have a nice sturdy weight for upholstery. Hello club chairs...a pair in this fabric with big floral pillows would be very, very nice. OR a couch in the pink colorway...completely amazing.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mermaid Dinner Party

If, for some reason, I needed to host a group of mermaids for dinner, these placements from Kim Seybert would be the perfect foundation for an ethereal, oceanic table.

I am just completely taken with the organic fan shape and delicate scallops and scrolls of these placemats available in the softest colors of blush, champagne and seafoam. Paired with sparkly crystal, black plates and shiny flatware, these mats would create a STUNNING atmosphere for breaking bread.

Let's bring placemats back. I think they are the unsung heroes of tabletops. They are the perfect layering piece on top of a fetching tablecloth and below a lovely charger. But they can also stand alone and can be easily whipped out for an impromptu meal. And they are usually inexpensive so you can keep several sets in your arsenal to dress your same set of plates in different styles.

But this set is not inexpensive...$240 for a set of 4 but they are SO lovely. And if you are having mermaids for dinner, well, they will likely expect big things on land. Don't disappoint.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Crush

Chintz, for the win. From Diamond Baratta. We have felt the slightest warmth in the air this week and though I'm definitely a fall and winter gal, I am getting pretty psyched to see some flowers again. In the meantime, I've been drawn to anything floral recently and I love the upholstery in this room. But what really makes it is that wall color. Beautiful against the millwork! Is that a natural fiber carpet again? I've seen that so much recently in really traditional rooms...and I love it.

Have a wonderful weekend...see you next week!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Traditional Twin Bedroom

I have lots of positive feelings about this room. It feels very Gil Schafer. Anyone know who it is actually by? Would love to credit...

Do you know my obsession with twin bedrooms? Two beds in a room just makes my heart quicken. And these beds are stunning in their plainness. So crisp and clean.

And that antique (I assume) desk nestled under the window (trimmed in olive velvet with pom-pom trim!) that serves double duty as writing station and nightstand.

And all the pretty chairs.

And the wallpaper that does not overwhelm but adds the needed zhush. But before the room goes too traditional on us, we slide in a natural fiber floorcovering to bring in the cool and casual factor.

The only thing (and I really mean only) I'm not digging are the prints above the beds. I think we can do something with those.

This is an example of neutral that is right up my about you? Would you change anything?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chinoiserie Wallpaper by Sherle Wagner

In a recent romp across the internet, I stumbled upon this gem of a Chinoiserie wallpaper. It's by luxury bath purveyor Sherle Wagner and it's Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Oh my word. That first colorway with the yellows, greens and hints of powder blue is STUNNING. I can't stop looking at it. Is it weird that I want to paper a whole kitchen with it? Maybe lacquered yellow cabinets and brass hardware? With a round dining table surrounded by upholstered baby blue velvet chairs? Velvet in the kitchen! And of course a stunning bamboo hanging light fixture.


Check out the wallpaper here, though I imagine it's to the trade so no purchase info with the link...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Crush

These two.

Two peas in a pod. BFFs. Soulmates. When he holds her, I marvel at how much they share in looks and wonder where my black hair and brown eyes went. I hope she's just as smart and kind and generous as him (and handy, handy too, so she can DIY herself through life).

My Valentines.

Have a sweet weekend with your loves. See you next week!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vintage Hermes for Your Wall

Apparently my theme this week is see it, like it, let me tell you where to get it. Those are always fun posts.

Love everything about this vignette below, as photographed by Porter Hovey for the book Heirloom Modern, except for maybe the suitcase trunks (never really got on that train). But I especially love the look of the framed scarf. The feminine, vintage quality is stunning against the other quirky elements making up the arrangement.

Did a little digging and found that the scarf is the "Regina" pattern by Hermes. And you can find it on eBay like this one:

Framing scarves is nothing new but I think pairing a vintage scarf like this with modern elements is a really fresh take on the look. And your scarf need not be a $300 Hermes situation...vintage scarves are so easy to come by on Etsy and eBay in every pattern, color and price point available. And their large scale make for a great wall-filler.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dreamy Dressing Table

Do you love the look of this dressing table by Rita Konig?

All girly wonder with its floral wallpaper in our favorite shades of lavender and green with a beautiful glass mirror?

Yes? Great, I've got you covered.

Get this wallpaper from...wait for it...Lowe's:

And this resplendent mirror from Horchow:

And ta-da...your dressing table will be the envy of all.

I'm such a fan of florals, are you? You have to temper them...but that's true of anything sassy and beautiful. I just really enjoy this combo. And the inexpensive wallpaper is a total bonus. I'm thinking of 700 ways to use it.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Today, my heart is heavy for two friends and their family. And when I can do absolutely nothing to help, I can at least acknowledge that today is not a normal day for a blog post. And no day going forward will be normal for them.

Pause a moment this weekend. Savor friends, family and the beauty of life. Build up these moments of pause so they can sustain you when life delivers its inevitable blows. That's my plan.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pretty Pillows

A little peek at a client project as seen through the eyes of the (world-changing) Waterlogue app:

Because I think you need more Waterlogued photos in your life.

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bold Blooms

Speaking of bold florals, take a look at these exuberant blooms that recently came to my attention:

^^ My favorite!! ^^

Now that's radiant orchid and then some!!

These vibrant works of art are by Carolyn Schultz of Blue Poppy Design and I am loving their color, movement, slight abstractness and femininity:

The color combinations are gorgeous. That turquoise background is singing.

A bonus of Carolyn's shop? It's a mix of prints and originals. I hate falling in love with an artist only to see that every piece is out of my budget. But these works will frame up beautifully as prints - I would opt for sleek, thin frames to let the florals do the talking. Imagine a gallery wall full of these blooms!

Carolyn and I chatted over email and she graciously offered us a 20% off coupon, good through the end of February...thanks, Carolyn!

Offer Code: AOREADER20

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