Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trigger Pullin'

I pulled a trigger.

This rug will be joining our living room. I'm a little nervous. I'm not 100% that the colors "go," but I'm determined to make it work. I recently spent time in a well-appointed Richmond home (ahem, Joanna) and couldn't stop babbling about the gorgeous rugs. They make such an impact. And though I have loved our jute rug, I feel it's time for a big-girl rug. I'm ready to commit to a pattern.

This rug caught my eye a while back and I purchased it in a wee size for our kitchen. And though it's not quite right in the kitchen, I absolutely LOVE it and had an "a-ha" moment this past weekend when I realized it might work in the living room. Since the price was reasonable, I did it. I pulled the trigger.

Now we wait. And hope it works.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lucky vs Lonny

I have now drooled over the home of Lucky editor Marlien Rentmeester, designed by Hillary Thomas, twice - once via Lonny and recently via Lucky. Both times, my eyes have teared at the glory of its design.

You know I love a good table vignette and I really enjoyed seeing this particular space interpreted by both magazines:

via Lucky

via Lonny (Photo by Patrick Cline)

Which arrangement do you prefer? Lucky's colorful/happy take or Lonny's serene/artful approach?

I love them both but I might sway a little more toward Lucky...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daybed as Couch

A fabulous example of a living room that uses a daybed in lieu of a couch:

Photo by Ted Yarwood via

This living room by Tommy Smythe is amazing and a testament to the beauty of white walls, but I can't stop staring at the daybed. I love it. I love that it provides seating while keeping the room open and flowing without a couch back to segment it. Yes, it's likely not ideal for settling in and watching TV, but that level of comfort isn't needed in this space. 

Let's daydream about the daybed we'd want in our own living room:

Any of the above will do for me. How about you?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Crush

Photo by Stephen Karlisch via via shelter

Total crush bomb on this bedroom designed by Lisa Martensen that I spotted on shelter. I've seen other rooms in this amazing home before, but had not laid eyes on these lovely sleeping quarters which are a perfect example of how one can mix metals beautifully. I am a big fan of mixing silver + gold or warm + cool metallics, so I love the shiny gray and silver tones with the warm glow of gold and bronze hues. It works.

Hope you are safe from any hurricanes this weekend! See you Monday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Catalog Pick: Regency I Area Rug

I love flipping through catalogs. I usually don't end up buying anything (and they do tend to pile up on our front table) but there is almost always something that catches my attention. Plus, I like seeing what retailers are up to with their various collections.

Today's pick - the Regency I Area Rug from Home Decorators. Holy moly I want this.

Aren't the colors awesome? And the pattern feels traditional but playful at the same time. I really wish this color scheme would jive in my living room because I want this rug. Would make such a gorgeous impact gracing my floor.

I think my favorite catalogs for perusing are Home Decorators, Ballard Designs and Horchow. Oh, and I love those fat IKEA ones that come every once in a while. What about you?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Den Inspiration

I really like this room, so I'm adding it to my basement den inspiration files.

As you know, I'm definitely contemplating a blue palette for the (eventual) renovation of our basement den and this space pictured feels so normal. Does that sound weird? It's just pretty. And looks comfortable. Nothing crazy or cutting-edge. Just nice. I think that's what I'm going for in the den.

I really love the wainscoting and the green couch paired with the blue wall paint. I didn't really think of using green as an accent, but it would make sense seeing as how it's the #1 color on our main level. I also have some snazzy fern prints that were displaced when we got this guy, so they would be a great choice for the walls in a scenario like this one.

All things to contemplate, folks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toadstool Fabric

I have come across the most glorious fabric. I'm speechless in the face of its beauty.

Aren't the colorways divine?? It's called Toadstool via Has anyone seen this fabric before? I wonder who the manufacturer is...and I also wonder where it's been all my life.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Autumnal Ikat

Perhaps I am beckoning autumn too early, but I came across this beautiful pillow and it made me wish for cooler temperatures and warm color palettes.

It's the Aurora pillow from Crate & Barrel - a 20" silk number that's on sale for $29.95. I would give it a deep plum velvet companion:

Have you noticed C&B's selection of solid velvet pillows? It's fantastic - the perfect building blocks for your couch.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Crush

Photo by David Christensen via via

Since I started this blog, some of the images I am most obsessed with are of bars. I just can't get enough. And this one belongs to Jennifer Boles and happens to be the exact same bar cart that we have in our dining room - I love how Jennifer has arranged hers here.

I have never thought to hang a tea towel on the edge like so. I always want to buy beautiful little towels, but have no clue where to put them where they can function in a mostly decorative fashion...this is the perfect spot. I am thrilled at this discovery.

Have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Target Scalloped Lamp Shade

At Target this past weekend, I came across this lamp shade:

It is big and lovely. And the corners of the scallops are upturned ever so slightly to give the shade just the subtlest hint of pagoda-ness. Just a touch.

So I picked up two to go with these lamps that I got at Jenny's sale a while ago:

I haven't put them together yet, but I think it will be a winning combination.

And the best part was the price of the shades. I was shocked when my Target bill was less than $50 (because, well, that never happens). I thought the shades were like $15-$20 each. No, no. They were $4.24 each.

Don't fret - they are also available online for a whopping $5.94 - click here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mint Walls

Lately, I have seen many a mint wall and I am really, really liking the look.

Jill Sorensen via

Who can name this source?

Phillips deVeer Interiors via

I especially like this pastel jade tone with pink and orchid tones. It's so, so lovely, don't you think? Do any of you have this color on the walls of your home? Do tell me the paint name if so - I'd be curious to know.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fine China on Houzz

Check out my ideabook on Houzz in which I profess my love for the patterned china setting. I feel it is my duty on this earth to convince all engaged couples to register for patterned china - life is too short for white plates.

Click here to see my 20 picks...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Heather Safferstone

I am so excited to share this web design project today! You may remember a little post I did about Heather a while back...she's a lovely design talent working as an Associate Designer at Sally Steponkus Interiors here in DC.

I was thrilled when Heather asked if I could design a snazzy portfolio website so she could have a place to send potential clients to view her past and current work. I'm happy to say our project is complete and I think it looks terrific.

I love Heather's crisp, tailored aesthetic and her use of color. Her spaces always feel bright, open, and inviting. Check out some of my favorites:

All images by Angie Seckinger via

You really must get to know Heather.  Visit her online portfolio.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Crush

If my blog were a dress.

This piece of sartorial genius was sent to me by my friend and fellow designer, Crystal, and it put such a huge smile on my face that I had to share it! It's a bit more than I usually pay for a dress, but how amazing would it be to have this in my closet for functions were I am attending as a blogstress? Or would I be the cooky lady who dresses to match her blog? Who cares. I love it. I shall now be stalking it and praying for a sale.

Hope your weekend delivers a fun find as well. See you Monday!

p.s. Speaking of things that look like my blog, have you seen these napkins at Target? I of course bought a bunch and love putting them out. I may need to host a party wearing that dress and serving cocktails on these napkins.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watery Gourd Lamps

I really, really like these new gourd lamps by Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs:

The colors are a perfect collection of watery neutrals:

And the scale of the large version makes a statement:

Is this the perfect lamp? Possibly. I'm quite enamored with it. I think any color would be very at home in a Phoebe Howard interior:

What do you think? Or perhaps you've ordered one? I want one (or seven) real bad.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper Napkins

My friends know I'm a nut for paper napkins. I collect them. Nothing pleases me more when I'm entertaining than to select the cocktail napkins for the evening. The things in life that thrill me.

I'm running a bit low on stock and just came across some killer options at Horchow.

Maybe I live under a rock, but I had not seen this elegant-monogram-embossed situation. Surely I need these. And the price is reasonable.

Caspari homerun with a lizard embossing and lovely dusty colors.

Simply chic. Perfect for a lunch or as guest bath towels.

Do you love a good paper napkin as much as I do? Many more here...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Colors in My House

I'm having a "pat-myself-on-the-back" moment. I've made some good choices in paint colors for our house. And by "good" I mean "they make my happy."

After about 6-7 tries, I FINALLY settled on a great color for our guest bathroom - SW6288 Rosebud by Sherwin-Williams. It's the perfect light orchid tone I wanted. And once it was up, I noted how well all the colors on our first floor are flowing together. Hence my back-patting.

Let me profess my love for Sherwin Williams' paint chip #60 - the home of SW6413 Restoration Ivory, SW6414 Rice Paddy and SW62415 Hearts of Palm. Hearts of Palm is essentially what my house is painted because it is everywhere on our first floor - you can't escape it. It's a golden green that sometimes leans toward chartreuse or apple green or olive - depending on the light. And I love it more now than the day I put it up on 90% of our walls two years ago. That's devotion.

HofP also plays a duet role with Rice Paddy as a stripe in our dining room. And Restoration Ivory is what I used to paint our dining room chairs. And, as expected coming from the same paint chip, they are all fantastic together. Paint chip #60 hasn't seen the last of me. SW6416 Sassy Green is a beautiful rich golden green, and I just need to figure out where to use it. And the other darker tones on the chip might be used on our home's exterior.

And then there's SW6211 Rainwashed - a crowd favorite. I actually had SW mix it up with a little more white and a little more green to take a tinge of the gray-blue out, and it's PERFECT in our guest bedroom. Truly lovely. And once I noticed how amazing it was next to HofP, it influenced my kitchen subway tile choice whose color mimics Rainwashed's hue.

As you walk down our petite hallway, you catch a glimpse of all of these colors mixed together at once and it's quite pretty.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Clarence House Mougins

I completely fell in love with this fabric, Mougins by Clarence House, when I spotted it on the CH website a few weeks ago. Aren't the colors superb? I believe the fabric is much closer to a white background than this image, but either way, I think it's wonderful!

And, the best part is that I found an eBay listing for it - 8 yards for $295, which is a great deal. Lucky you if you're interested - sadly, I have to walk away. If you buy it, please tell me how you'll use it!

Happy Monday!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Crush

Holy shizz (insert real expletive here). Did you see this on Danika's blog this week? She painted that wall. With her hands. An oversized de Gournay-esque masterpiece. I adore the yellow/white/teal/pink situation she now has gracing her home's entry. What talent! Kudos, Danika. You need to read her blog and specificially her post on this undertaking.

I am ugly jealous of people who can draw and paint freehand - it's such a gift. And my dad can do it, so why did this gene skip me? Why?!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We'll be throwing a little game night to welcome some new neighbors and Carter suggested a drive to the mountains to enjoy the summer air. See you Monday!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wallpaper Crush: Dans le Pre

Did y'all notice that my wallpaper crush post didn't publish last Thursday? Oopsies - sorry about that. But it was a good one, so here it is:

Love this little number called Dans le Pre by Motif in black. My thoughts turn to a powder room for this paper, but I'm not sure if the farm animal scenery is a little odd for such a space. But, then again, I'm ok with odd. This would be precious for the right nursery too...maybe a space with white wainscoting to balance the black?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lotus Garden Look-Alike

I have professed my love and devotion to Schumacher's Lotus Garden on this blog. It is seriously in my top 3 favorite fabrics of ever. When I look at it (we use it in our bedroom) my heart races with pure joy.

But, it's expensive. And though it is worth every penny, using lots of yardage of designer fabric is sometimes cost prohibitive.

You know I'm here to solve your problems. If you worship LG like I do but are looking for an alternative that will leave more coin in your pocket, check out Waverly's Aquatic Tango in Coral:

Yes, LG still has the edge, but I thought this was a lovely 2nd choice if budget is a factor. At $15.98/yd, you could use this as a primary fabric (curtains, bedskirts, upholstery) and achieve a sharp look.

Also available in brown and black colorways.

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