Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Colors in My House

I'm having a "pat-myself-on-the-back" moment. I've made some good choices in paint colors for our house. And by "good" I mean "they make my happy."

After about 6-7 tries, I FINALLY settled on a great color for our guest bathroom - SW6288 Rosebud by Sherwin-Williams. It's the perfect light orchid tone I wanted. And once it was up, I noted how well all the colors on our first floor are flowing together. Hence my back-patting.

Let me profess my love for Sherwin Williams' paint chip #60 - the home of SW6413 Restoration Ivory, SW6414 Rice Paddy and SW62415 Hearts of Palm. Hearts of Palm is essentially what my house is painted because it is everywhere on our first floor - you can't escape it. It's a golden green that sometimes leans toward chartreuse or apple green or olive - depending on the light. And I love it more now than the day I put it up on 90% of our walls two years ago. That's devotion.

HofP also plays a duet role with Rice Paddy as a stripe in our dining room. And Restoration Ivory is what I used to paint our dining room chairs. And, as expected coming from the same paint chip, they are all fantastic together. Paint chip #60 hasn't seen the last of me. SW6416 Sassy Green is a beautiful rich golden green, and I just need to figure out where to use it. And the other darker tones on the chip might be used on our home's exterior.

And then there's SW6211 Rainwashed - a crowd favorite. I actually had SW mix it up with a little more white and a little more green to take a tinge of the gray-blue out, and it's PERFECT in our guest bedroom. Truly lovely. And once I noticed how amazing it was next to HofP, it influenced my kitchen subway tile choice whose color mimics Rainwashed's hue.

As you walk down our petite hallway, you catch a glimpse of all of these colors mixed together at once and it's quite pretty.



  1. That really is a great color palette! Such pretty paint colors.

  2. Daniella, these colors are fabulous! I am a big SW fan too. My sister loves Hearts of Palm and Rice Paddy!


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