Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lucky vs Lonny

I have now drooled over the home of Lucky editor Marlien Rentmeester, designed by Hillary Thomas, twice - once via Lonny and recently via Lucky. Both times, my eyes have teared at the glory of its design.

You know I love a good table vignette and I really enjoyed seeing this particular space interpreted by both magazines:

via Lucky

via Lonny (Photo by Patrick Cline)

Which arrangement do you prefer? Lucky's colorful/happy take or Lonny's serene/artful approach?

I love them both but I might sway a little more toward Lucky...


  1. I prefer Lucky's colorful happy take!

  2. It's interesting what a little photo editing will do. To me, the bench looks much more orange in the Lucky shot. Also the chair is the star of the Lonny shot, while Lucky's shoot is all about the vignette. I can't possibly choose... they are both divine.

  3. Also, the table looks much more sleek, less ornate in the second shot. It's the same table, yes? What a cool way for a design novice like me to "test" my preferences. It's not like comparing apples and oranges. Love this post! If pressed to choose, I would go for the colorful take.

  4. LOVE both, but much prefer the Lucky version...that lamp is super awesome. How fun to see both, thanks for sharing!!

    Baylor Says...

  5. I'll take happy every time!

  6. Oh, I sway waaaayyyyy over onto the Lucky side without a second thought. My home is full of colour, I couldn't live without it all around me. That lamp is magnifique... I love a good dose of orange!

    Linda. :)

  7. Lucky all the way ... I LOVE the color and the orange surfboard in the photograph mixed with the abstract piece is fabulous!


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