Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Crush

If my blog were a dress.

This piece of sartorial genius was sent to me by my friend and fellow designer, Crystal, and it put such a huge smile on my face that I had to share it! It's a bit more than I usually pay for a dress, but how amazing would it be to have this in my closet for functions were I am attending as a blogstress? Or would I be the cooky lady who dresses to match her blog? Who cares. I love it. I shall now be stalking it and praying for a sale.

Hope your weekend delivers a fun find as well. See you Monday!

p.s. Speaking of things that look like my blog, have you seen these napkins at Target? I of course bought a bunch and love putting them out. I may need to host a party wearing that dress and serving cocktails on these napkins.

1 comment:

  1. You. Need. This. Dress. I know it's spendy, but watch for a sale and save your pennies at the same, this dress almost literally has your name on it! Love your blog, btw, I am a big fan :)



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