Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Crush

A stunning tortoise-back chair that I caught on Ashlina's Twitter feed. I go nuts for anything tortoise and this chair is beautiful and so unique. Would love to see it in person!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to three days off and making some more progress on home projects. Hope your break is fantastic...see you Tuesday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wallpaper as Room Divider

I think this is designed by IKEA?, image source

I actually love the idea of children sharing a room. I think it forms a bond and it seems cozy to have your offspring nestled together in a bedroom. Granted, I never shared a room. And my future children may disagree that it's a lovely experience. Regardless, if kids share a room, this bedroom above is a great way to do it.

It's samesies all around for each little girl, but each side of the room has a unique vibe due to the wallpaper separation. Maybe this works because the wallpaper is simple and matches in hue? The runner and beds are adorable. Really, the whole room is adorable.

Perhaps using contrasting wallpaper could work for a studio space. To divide the living area and bedroom? Or perhaps an office/play space? I know we have so many multi-function rooms these days...wallpaper might be something to consider to help divide these spaces in a chic way.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Metallic Leather Fabric

A small project has come up and I am looking for wipe-able fabrics...something that I can easily clean if it gets a bit messy. But the fabric needs to obviously be great-looking as well so my thoughts have turned to faux leathers.

I have wandered down this path before and I remembered some fantastic faux metallic leathers that I spotted on a while back:

Back when I was looking for faux leather, I ordered a yard of this fabric in gold and it's so soft. I mean, not like a baby blanket or anything, but this particular fabric is rather supple and I think it would actually do OK running through your sewing machine. I usually think of faux leather as being rather stiff and plastic-like so this fabric is a winner if you are in the market.

And the color tones are really perfect...they would look lovely anywhere you need a bit of a workhorse - bar stools, kitchen chairs or even some fun pillows.

Shine on.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Color Study

There is a good lesson to be learned from this image:

 Photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

Per the usual, Steven Gambrel works his magic to finesse a grand space out of a relatively small hallway. What a captivating pass-through...but that is not the lesson we are learning today (the one about even a small space being special when done right). 

Today's lesson is about color.

This very traditional hall was painted with lacquered teal/aqua/seafoam walls. A color that is loud and somewhat juvenile. But note that Steven counters the buoyancy of the hue with deep neutrals in the furnishings - rich browns and blacks provide balance. And the effect is stunning, dripping with sophistication. And the teal walls keep the space feeling energetic and designed...a twist to keep the eye happy.

So don't be afraid of using big, bold color! Just be prepared to strike a balance to keep it feeling sharp and tailored.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Headboard

If you follow me on Twitter, you caught a little peek at a jumbled mess of items for the nursery.

Sorry, I know it's one of those hipster Instagram photos that doesn't really give you any context so let me help. Aside from the fabric, stuffed animals, ribbon, etc that are laying on the out-of-view dresser, you are looking at a sassy little vintage headboard that I bought many months ago.

This photo doesn't give you the full effect, but it's simply adorable coming to a swirly peak that gives it a girly, Hollywood-Moroccan feel. And it's the most lovely shade of vintage gold. I spotted it in an antique shop across the street from my office probably almost a year ago. I thought it was perfect for an eventual nursery as we are planning a crib and twin bed combo (we are lucky to have lots of space)...but at the time I was nowhere near pregnant.

So although my maternal instinct wanted to buy it, I didn't. And months and months passed and every time I visited the shop, it was still there. Once I walked into the shop carrying the knowledge of an additional Shuffler on the way, I immediately looked for it...and there it was - on sale! So I snatched it up for $75. Mind you, this was before that pesky gender confirmation so I have to admit this purchase was a risk. But I had a distinct feeling it would not go to waste.

I'm realizing that this nursery is going to be mostly made up of vintage finds which is pretty awesome...I'll do a post that rounds them all up so we can all keep track.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Crush

I have to thank fellow blogger Meg for tweeting about this Havertys commercial because it's hilarious. I think I've seen this one on TV but had not seen Part II. I deem clever marketing for a furniture company blog-worthy (and successful since I'm blogging about it).

"Why aren't you ripped like your dad?"

Have a great weekend...see you Monday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Le Lac in Blue

I know I have been talking about Le Lac a lot lately, but what can I say? It's on my mind since I am constantly referring back to it for the nursery.

I recently found it in a to-die-for blue colorway on eBay. Gorgeous!

Did I mention that when I pulled the trigger on my own Le Lac, I didn't know if I was having a girl or a boy? Well, I knew  in the sense that my intuition was screaming girl but a medical professional had not given me confirmation. So it was a tad bit of a risk...I think Le Lac can work for a boy's nursery albeit the task is a little more challenging. But in this blue colorway? Oh dear, it's perfection. And could you imagine a dining room done in this fabric??

It is not inexpensive at $1,233 for 3 yards (ouch). But it's mighty pretty.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joe Nye's Colorful Eye

I have always been a devotee of the school of Joe Nye and now that I am pulling such inspiration from his own bedroom for the nursery, I can't help but fall in love with his work and style all over again.

This man has skillz. Look at this room he did for the House Beautiful Showhouse back in 2006:

Images via

I believe the curtains are once again our beloved Le Lac but in a pink + blue colorway. I adore how Mr. Nye pops off his color explosion with black. It looks so amazing. And while this room may not be your cup of tea (and I must admit that I would change a teensy weensy thing or two to suit my particular taste), you have to recognize that it's well-designed, really fun to look at, and it works. Or maybe I'm putting words in your mouth, but I love it!!

And if you are jonesing for those plates that he uses on his divine table setting, they are the Chinatown collection from home, james!

Lastly, if you don't own Joe's book Flair you are doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice. So much inspiration within its will instantly make you a happier person. Best $20 you've spent in a long time - trust me. Buy Flair here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twin Bedrooms Board

I have professed my love for the twin bedroom - a bedroom that contains two twin beds in an often symmetrical fashion. And maybe if the room is large enough, two full beds! Either way, I love this look. In fact, I am setting up the nursery to transition into a twin bedroom once baby is ready for big girl quarters.

I was delighted to see that one of our favorite bloggers, Erin of House of Turquoise, has a whole Pinterest board devoted just to these rooms.

Some of my favorite pins:

I obviously need to get on creating my own twin bedroom board but until then, I will loyally stalk Erin's. Check it out here...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Petite Perroquet

In my initial search for crib bedding, I came across this lovely Leanika Love Birds fabric by Free Spirit.

And it reminded me of Nina Campbell's iconic Perroquet wallpaper:

I think Perroquet would be perfectly appropriate in a nursery, but if budget is an issue or if you are just looking for something more juvenile, Love Birds is an adorable choice.

Fabric by the yard here, crib fitted sheet here, or a whole nursery bedding collection here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Crush

I thoroughly enjoy the bookcases that Jamie posts on her blog and this has to be one of my favorites. Joyous details abound but what actually caught my eye was the cheetah (leopard?) statue on the bottom shelf of the end table. Not the statue itself, though lovely, but its placement. I find the second rung of a table to be an awkward space for me - I never know what to put there. It's too low for display of photos or objects so I typically just stack it with magazines and call it a day, knowing it's a lost opportunity. But I LOVE this idea of one large, eye-catching statue or art object. It is splendidly perfect in this arrangement and I will quickly be putting this knowledge to good use.

Paint samples are up in the nursery and the goal is to have a painted room by the end of the weekend. Wish us luck! Have a fabulous weekend in your neck of the woods...see you Monday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Leontine

I don't think I ever showed you guys a peek at my Leontine Linens towels that I got a while back for our guest bathroom. They are pretty gorgeous and I l-o-v-e my monogram.

I went with the fingertip towel with the Rayford applique monogram in french blue. What a little treat for the bathroom! And I layer the towel over a metallic lavender fouta towel from Scents & Feel that I snagged on One Kings Lane several months ago. I think layering the towels beefs up the look and adds some interest.

These towels get lots of use and have held up well in the wash, so I highly recommend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Purple Chandeliers

Purple is still on a roll as an "it" color with designers and Kelly Wearstler kicked up a couple of notches, as usual, with this dining room featured in Elle Decor:

Photos by Mikkel Vang for Elle Decor

Ugh...the chandeliers. So gorgeous. So, so gorgeous. I Friday Crushed on that chandelier two years ago (I was so ahead of my time) and here it is used to incredible perfection. It's available through Horchow for $2,050:

I don't think that's an outrageous price for a statement light fixture, but it's certainly out of my price range for the near future. So I was happy to spot this little sister version being offered by Urban Outfitters for $169. Definitely not the same, but reminiscent:

Doesn't have the drama of the Horchow piece and it's a bit more delicate in its aesthetic, but I think if you are looking for a pop of lavender overhead, this could fit the bill. And your room is likely smaller in scale than Kelly's project so the impact will be lovely. Just think about it.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Country Farmhouse

I had to post some more images from the home I featured as my Friday Crush last week. Trina and Mike Burke bought a farmhouse in Portland, Oregon and took on the renovation themselves. I love that. And they have fantastic taste, as you'll see. They totally capture that simple aesthetic that I'm dreaming about for a vacation home...and my idea of country decor.

Photos by Max Kim-Bee via Country Living

Don't you love the restraint and how they have carried the theme of whites + woods throughout the home. It is SO refreshing to look at. And let me tell you, their home decor will never go out of style. They have decorated with such classics...makes for a beautiful home. Not to mention that Trina, Mike and the kids are adorable AND they write a blog! It's appropriately called A Country Farmhouse and they share oodles of renovation tales, decor sources, and more pictures like these:


Monday, August 13, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

I won't bury the lead. I am designing the nursery around Brunschwig & Fils' Le Lac.

This is mind-blowing for me.

How did I arrive at this serendipitous occurrence? I'll tell you.

Way back in the day when I was just putting my first thoughts together on a nursery, I was pretty set on using Schumacher's Shantung Silhouette wallpaper for a feature wall in the khaki colorway and the rest of the room was to painted the same khaki of the paper's background.

Furnishings and fabrics would don a monochromatic palette with either pinks or blues and it all seemed like a fantastic idea. I patted myself on the back for coming to this conclusion so quickly.

I am being real perfect-like with this nursery and not cutting any corners so I was smart and before I ordered oodles of pricey wallpaper, I requested a sample (from here). The sample arrived and it was gorgeous - stunning, really. But the khaki was just too dark. And dark is the wrong word because it is not a dark color...but it's rich and saturated and felt too grown up as a color to paint the whole nursery with.

Womp, womp. My perfect plan was not to be.

I spent a couple of weeks completely stressed because this nursery obviously has to be the pinnacle of my design existence thus far. I tried to force the silhouette concept by ordering up a million other wallpapers, but nothing was right.

So I literally sat down one day and did a little self-centering exercise. I took a deep breath, completely cleared my mind of any ideas I had come up with so far, and started from square one by asking myself, "If I could choose absolutely ANYTHING to work with as a starting point...what would it be? ANYTHING!" This freedom of thought was fantastic and it took me about 2.5 seconds to pull out Le Lac as my answer.

The whimsical Chinoiserie toile has a buffet of colors and the oversized pattern is just gorgeous. And for me, Le Lac is closely associated with my favorite bedroom of all time - Joe Nye's iconic space that appeared in House Beautiful many years ago...

Photos by Roger Davies for House Beautiful

Le Lac combined with pinks and reds and greens and Chinoiserie was the perfect inspiration. Exactly what I wanted my little girl's room to be like.

But there was the one tiny, little obstacle...Le Lac is bananas expensive. I'm going to guess it's about $300/yd, but I don't even know because I know it's too pricey to even get quoted. So although this exercise put me in a magical place for about 10 minutes, I quickly came back down to earth.

But my determination kicked in. I had heard of people getting great deals on Le Lac on eBay so that was my next stop...and no luck. Then I thought to peruse Etsy because occasionally, designer fabrics are listed for great prices.

And there it was! I hit the jackpot. Anne from The Decorators Backroom had Le Lac listed for an affordable price. I promptly contacted her to see if she had sufficient yardage for curtains and she did.

Serendipity! Fate! Destiny.

The focal point of the nursery will be a large window trimmed with Le Lac and a secondary, smaller window will have a matching pelmet box. Both will be trimmed in an adorable red ribbon. The walls will be green and the rest of the room will feature pinks and interpretation of Mr. Nye's spectacular bedroom.

Now to put it all together in the coming weeks...

Hope you enjoyed story time today...happy Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Crush

Home of Trina and Mike Burke in Country Living, Photo by Max Kim-Bee

Remember last Friday when I let you in on my latest mental obsession of having a vacation home? And how I would do it up in all white with simple wood furnishings? Well this is exactly what I'm talking about....ahhhhhh, so refreshing isn't it? I don't think I could live with such simplicity in my day-to-day life but I can certainly embrace it for a vacation spot. LOVE this bedroom!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chairs: Before and After

Today I have a blitz of chair remind us all that a dingy old piece can have a fantastic new life if you give reupholstery a chance.

The first one comes from reader Rae. She found a bergere chair in the dumpster - legit the dumpster - and knew that it would look awesome with some new fabric. Way to have a vision, Rae. The before:

Yep, that's a dumpster chair. But Rae went on a hunt for a black and white buffalo check fabric and once she found it, she sent it off to a nice upholstery man and voila:

Just lovely...and especially so, paired with the golden stool and layered rugs.

Our next two contestants come from reader Jaime. She too found a sad chair, this time a wingback, in the vicinity of a dumpster. The before:

Jaime thought to herself, "This would be PERFECT for my baby's nursery!" I applaud looking past the trash bin and realizing that with a little work, this chair could become a special nursery piece. Jaime selected a hot pink coral fabric and after some professional reupholstery, here is the after:

Nicely done. Jaime also scored some awesome cane-backed tub chairs for $10/each (!) on Craigslist and decided that reupholstery would make them feel like new. The before:

And the after:

So fresh! So clean! I love that textured fabric and the hot pink piping makes a very traditional chair feel quite modern. A standing ovation...

Take note that neither Rae nor Jaime tackled the upholstery jobs themselves. Don't forget that there is a whole workforce of skilled upholsterers out there just waiting to do these jobs for you. I think we get overwhelmed thinking that these kind of re-dos are DIY'll find that although reupholstery is not cheap, it often yields a much better, custom result than buying furniture new.  And (usually) still at a fraction of the price. Not to mention that most vintage pieces are very well-built and thus will stand the test of time in your home. Do a little research and get some price quotes in your area. I bet you will find someone whose pricing is reasonable and whose work is fantastic.

{{Climbs down from her soapbox}}

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