Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Headboard

If you follow me on Twitter, you caught a little peek at a jumbled mess of items for the nursery.

Sorry, I know it's one of those hipster Instagram photos that doesn't really give you any context so let me help. Aside from the fabric, stuffed animals, ribbon, etc that are laying on the out-of-view dresser, you are looking at a sassy little vintage headboard that I bought many months ago.

This photo doesn't give you the full effect, but it's simply adorable coming to a swirly peak that gives it a girly, Hollywood-Moroccan feel. And it's the most lovely shade of vintage gold. I spotted it in an antique shop across the street from my office probably almost a year ago. I thought it was perfect for an eventual nursery as we are planning a crib and twin bed combo (we are lucky to have lots of space)...but at the time I was nowhere near pregnant.

So although my maternal instinct wanted to buy it, I didn't. And months and months passed and every time I visited the shop, it was still there. Once I walked into the shop carrying the knowledge of an additional Shuffler on the way, I immediately looked for it...and there it was - on sale! So I snatched it up for $75. Mind you, this was before that pesky gender confirmation so I have to admit this purchase was a risk. But I had a distinct feeling it would not go to waste.

I'm realizing that this nursery is going to be mostly made up of vintage finds which is pretty awesome...I'll do a post that rounds them all up so we can all keep track.

Happy Monday!


  1. Completely loving it! What a gorgeous piece. I love finding special things while antiquing/vintage shopping. Can't wait to see the finished nursery!



  2. That headboard is amazing, what a steal for only $75! I am so excited to see how the nursery comes together :)

  3. Anonymous8/29/2012

    That {probably not the very one you bought} was my headboard from infancy until I was 20'ish. I loved that headboard. Mine was several colors over the years, white, a lovely pink / coral and the room's accents were a kelly green ... very palm beach preppy at the time, navy, and the last color was gold. Your lucky little girl will love that headboard for years to come.

    Robin @


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