Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wallpaper as Room Divider

I think this is designed by IKEA?, image source

I actually love the idea of children sharing a room. I think it forms a bond and it seems cozy to have your offspring nestled together in a bedroom. Granted, I never shared a room. And my future children may disagree that it's a lovely experience. Regardless, if kids share a room, this bedroom above is a great way to do it.

It's samesies all around for each little girl, but each side of the room has a unique vibe due to the wallpaper separation. Maybe this works because the wallpaper is simple and matches in hue? The runner and beds are adorable. Really, the whole room is adorable.

Perhaps using contrasting wallpaper could work for a studio space. To divide the living area and bedroom? Or perhaps an office/play space? I know we have so many multi-function rooms these days...wallpaper might be something to consider to help divide these spaces in a chic way.


  1. the iron beds are great....
    but what a great solution to 2 GIRLS sharing a room!!!!


  2. I think having marching furniture ties it together. It's adorable, agreed! I see this being either great or tragic with a fine line in between. This is great!

  3. Anonymous9/03/2012

    That's a cute idea. The polka dot paper is great.

    Stay in the Lines

  4. A perfect idea. Wallpaper easily divides a room into two. It is easy to hang wallpapers and then each kid has there own style wall.


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