Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Basement Happenings

I realize I haven't updated you guys for a while on the basement renovation and BOY has it come along! Carter is a renovation wizard...this project has left me utterly impressed with his powers. Several weeks ago, he wrapped up the drywall, painting, floor installation, recessed lighting installation and overall creation of this room from nothing into something spectacular.

Now I have started to step in with the furnishings. I think Carter is admiring his work so much that he wishes we would just put a blanket in the middle of the floor and call it a day...he doesn't want me to clutter up his masterpiece. But, that's kind of my job.

So here are some of my selections so far. We spent this weekend putting many of these items together in the room and it is looking pretty bomb so far.

IKEA Karlstad Corner Sofa in Green

Remember that this is our new hangout family den...a space to relax, watch TV and (now) play. We definitely wanted a big, comfy sectional but our budget left us little room to select something that was both functional and pretty to look at. So we opted for IKEA's Karlstad sectional because it's very clean in its look, has a good price and is the perfect color green. I also think it's really comfortable to sit in, but we'll see how it lasts over the years. I think IKEA may have switched up its colors because our sofa is more of a pastel apple green...maybe a hint of lime. This sofa pictured looks a bit more saturated. Either way, we got the green and I really, really like it.

But what I don't like are the legs. Eww. They pretty much kill the silhouette. I've investigated many options, but I think I'm going to initially try to recover the legs in the same slipcover fabric so that they hopefully end up looking something like this:

I found an eBay seller who deals out my IKEA green slipcover for replacement parts, so I ordered up a seat cushion to use for fabric and will be attempting this as the first line of defense. I'll let you know how it goes.

We chose a deep brown laminate hardwood floor (which looks awesome) to avoid any issues with real hardwood should we have any moisture in the future. And I picked out this fantastic rug to go in the sectional area:

Sierra Paddle Rug

It's from rugsusa.com and we bought it during one of their crazy 75% off sales so it was a great price. I was a little worried it would end up looking too white, but it definitely doesn't. It's a great black and white that adds a subtle pattern to the floor.  Have I told you that one of my decorating rules (handed down from Mama Jo) is that every room should have a touch of black? I tend to hold true to that and this rug fulfilled it for me.

On top of the rug and in front of the sectional, we opted for a soft ottoman to serve as a coffee table. Wise choice since baby girl will one day knock her noggin into it. One of my fantastic readers alerted me to this awesome ottoman several months ago and I snatched it up in lavender:

Button Tufted Ottoman

We have also now joined the 21st century and purchased our first flat screen TV. I know, I know. We haven't really felt the need for it thus far but we knew this den was now the perfect opportunity to get one. And to go under it as a media storage piece, we got this:

IKEA malm 6-drawer dresser

The room is painted a soft pastel blue with white baseboard and door trim so I thought a large white piece would really tie in the white trimming of the space. I also like how the white piece looks under the large black TV - a black/white contrast to play off of the rug. And I'm going to spice up the dresser with some Cheryle O'verlays:

There is SO much more to tell you about but we're all a little tired of reading at this point, yes? Let's take a break and regroup in a later post.



  1. It is going to be fantastic! I love the green sofa , the lavender ottoman, the malm with overlays...great rug, too. Can't wait to see it all together.
    Have fun!

  2. Love it all! I'm sure you know about this, but have you seen the site Pretty Pegs? They make feet specifically to dress up Ikea pieces....something to consider anyway :)

  3. Dying to see pictures! Sounds/looks like a great scheme!

  4. I totally agree and abide by Mama Jo's rule! Black is a wonderful grounding and adds so much warmth. I love the rug!! Looking forward to seeing more!!

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