Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chinoiserie Watercolor Prints

I have fallen in love with these bold, sensational prints of original watercolors done by Australia-based artist Gabby Malpas for her Etsy shop Mango Frooty:

Don't these paintings totally grab you? I love all the intricacy, the colors, the patterns...and of course, the Chinoiserie subject matter. What talent! And to think that someone in Australia is creating these beautiful works and with the click of a mouse, you can own one and have it shipped right to your own home. Technology is amazing.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Crush

Design by Michael Carter, image via Chinoiserie Chic

This photo made me gasp (as most FC photos do)...that couch! WANT. I love and adore the combination of pastel pink and yellow. And the lamp combined with the couch is a killer combination. I also love it all against dark wood tones and a crisp white Elkins chair. Divine and from a new-to-me designer, Michael Carter, via this post from Chinoiserie Chic.

Have a fantastic weekend...see you next week!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catalog Pick: Chippendale Outdoor Dining Furniture

I can't WAIT for the day to come when we'll be able to trick out the backyard. This spring, we're focusing on sprucing up the front of the house with the hope that we have enough time left over this summer to focus on our backyard. I'm not holding my breath, but I am so looking forward to picking out a dining set to enjoy family dinners al fresco.

The style of this teak Chippendale set is likely what I would be after...the prices are a bit out of my own budget, but they are gorgeous inspiration pieces:

The website even offers cute lanterns and votives with that lovely fretwork:

I never, ever tire of Chippendale fretwork. And I love the geometric lines against the greens of an outdoor space. And don't forget about seat cushions with your outdoor furniture - not only do they make sitting in a hard chair much more comfortable, but it's a great way to add pattern and color to an outdoor space.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tien Manh Dinh Collection

Let's continue the fine china discussion because my friend Adele has introduced me to, quite possibly, the most beautiful pattern I've ever set eyes on. No joke.

The Tien Manh Dinh Collection from Royal Crown Derby:

If that is not beauty overload...I'm a little speechless. These plates are SO right up my alley. They are intricate and the colors are so striking. I love an exuberant china pattern...one that packs a huge punch into a 10"-12" diameter. Gorgeous.

Are these plates up your alley too? Or do your china preferences steer more clean and simple?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Si Kiang by Raynaud

A lovely Chinoiserie china pattern for your consideration, Si Kiang by Raynaud:

The pattern comes in 6 scenes, I believe. I love the colors but it mostly caught my eye for that basketweave-textured rim...so darling. I love a little texture on fine china. And how interesting is that charger in the last image? Would really dress up even a plain plate.

 I like to play the game, "What china pattern would I pick if I hadn't picked mine..." I still adore my wedding china (Derby Panel Green by Royal Crown Derby)...adore it...but that doesn't mean I don't want to amass stockpiles of other patterns. Especially delightful Chinoiserie ones.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Crush

Doesn't blue and white pottery make everything look better? I truly think that any space can benefit from it. And I love how it has been artfully arranged on this shelf by Schuyler Sampterton. This black bookcase wouldn't necessarily call for a piece of Chinoiserie pottery, yet its placement makes the scene. And love the little pop of red and pink. 

Carter and I are celebrating our 6-year wedding anniversary on Sunday. My, how time flies...especially since we've been together 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) years. This year's celebration will likely be low-key, yet better than any that have preceded it due to the nugget. Hope you have something special going on this weekend...even if its just some downtime with your loved ones. Have a great weekend...see you next week!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Reimagined Bar Cart

I spotted this awesome, awesome bar cart on Pinterest:

Image source, via Pinterest

Anyone recognize the image? I couldn't hunt down the original source...

Anyway, I'm CRAZY for the khaki walls paired with a yellow lamp and a black and white rug. Such a gorgeous, unique combination. And pretty quickly, my mind started recreating this look in the product catalog that is my brain.

I've been crushing on this amazing vintage Chinoiserie lamp on Etsy. Would be gorgeous as a stand-alone lamp on a bar cart:

And I actually own a very similar rug to the one in the photo. It's the Sierra Paddle rug from rugsusa.com:

And of course we all love a good Audubon print:

Hmmm...and what if we put our bar cart against Schumacher's Shantung Silhouette wallpaper instead?

That's some gorgeous stuff, y'all. Lucite bar carts are a little harder to hunt down but any bar cart would do...and just zhush it up with some accessories to make the look your own.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scalamandre Wallpaper: Pechen Des Perles

There is not enough time in my sweet, short life to experience all of the fabrics and wallpapers that I come across. I fall in love hard and fast. And I never tire of a new crush, which right now happens to be Pechen de Perles by Scalamandre:

And you guys...here is the best part...it has matching fabric!!! Rejoice.

There is little that thrills me more than a Chinoiserie silhouette. I love a bold color with an intricate solid-colored print, preferably in white on a colored ground. It makes me so happy and the scenery of Pechen des Perles is just bananas with palm tress and pagodas galore.

Hmmm...so what if you took that kiwi colorway at the top and mixed it with pink in a bedroom? I knoooowwwwww...so good.

Have you seen this used anywhere? I want more pictures!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Crush

Did you see this photo of Furbish Studio posted on Jamie's twitter feed? Arresting, to say the least. My eye is all over the place on this one but the key is that neutral situation happening on the couch. And the wallpaper...I die.

Ana Claire's baptism is this weekend so I am all aflutter getting the house in order and planning a little lunch afterward. It should be a beautiful weekend so I'm looking forward to celebrating a milestone for our little FOUR MONTH OLD. When did that happen??

Happy weekend, y'all...see you next week!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Natalini Frames

Today I am sharing one of my absolute MOST favorite products EVER. Natalini picture frames...straight from Italy and crazy delicious.

This is my most recent Natalini frame:

It is the most beautiful jade tone and looks killer on my desk at home. I loved it so much that I bought it in 3 sizes! The same frame.

I first discovered Natalini frames at HomeGoods and it's the only place I can find them. The patterns on these frames are SO lovely and the frames are well-made. And they have that pretty velvet back which makes them nice to look at it even from behind.

Check out some of their other frames:

Who knows how HomeGoods picked up this line but I am so glad they carry them. And of course, being HomeGoods, the frames are incredibly affordable. I think I bought my most recent one in a 4x6 for less than $10. I know.

See the HUGE collection of frames by Natalini here, here and here.

This is definitely one of my go-tos, so had to share. Hope you can hunt some down at your local HomeGoods or perhaps online? Anyone seen these anywhere else???

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brunschwig Barbados

I love hunting fabrics on eBay because I never know what I'll find. And though I do purport to be a fabric specialist, I by no means know all the patterns ever made by all manufacturers (though I'm trying!) eBay always serves up a nice arrangement of current, vintage and hard-to-find fabrics in patterns that are familiar as well as unknown (to me, anyway).

My latest find is this new-to-me pattern called Barbados from Brunschwig & Fils:

I love fern-type patterns and this fabric has that tropical fern-like vibe but with a beautiful color twist. LOVE the emerald green with turquoise and mustard. I think Pantone has brainwashed me because now I'm seeing emerald EVERYWHERE...and loving it. 

How would I use this? Likely in sunroom. Or maybe in a bedroom paired with some of the softer hues in the fabric. 

The ebay listing is for a wee piece but that's sometimes the best way to get designer fabrics...in smaller affordable doses that can be used for pillows. I haven't bought this one, so it's up for grabs!



Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dream House

Carter and I love to drive around neighborhoods and look at houses. On these excursions we have a running commentary in the car about different house styles, paint colors, details, landscaping. I love that we share that interest...and we definitely have the exact same taste.

I caught this house on Pinterest, pinned by my friend Kristen, and it is legit my dream home. The kind of house Carter and I L-O-V-E...traditional with beautiful details and some obvious history behind it.

Brick fence, hanging ferns, painted brick, dormers, front stoop...yes, yes and more yes.

The screen door!

The interior decoration is very traditional Virginia-lovely to me (the house is in Richmond, my hometown!). But this is not a commentary on the interior design...but the house itself. And all of the pretty details inside like the floors and moldings. We own a cape cod now and I think it's made us fall in love with this style of house.

C and I adore our current house. It's our baby and we've poured so much into it and have gotten so much back. But we know we won't be there forever so it's fun to dream about what the next place will be like. Hopefully something like this!

What's your favorite style of house?

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