Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dream House

Carter and I love to drive around neighborhoods and look at houses. On these excursions we have a running commentary in the car about different house styles, paint colors, details, landscaping. I love that we share that interest...and we definitely have the exact same taste.

I caught this house on Pinterest, pinned by my friend Kristen, and it is legit my dream home. The kind of house Carter and I L-O-V-E...traditional with beautiful details and some obvious history behind it.

Brick fence, hanging ferns, painted brick, dormers, front stoop...yes, yes and more yes.

The screen door!

The interior decoration is very traditional Virginia-lovely to me (the house is in Richmond, my hometown!). But this is not a commentary on the interior design...but the house itself. And all of the pretty details inside like the floors and moldings. We own a cape cod now and I think it's made us fall in love with this style of house.

C and I adore our current house. It's our baby and we've poured so much into it and have gotten so much back. But we know we won't be there forever so it's fun to dream about what the next place will be like. Hopefully something like this!

What's your favorite style of house?

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  1. I agree, this is the perfect house! It is getting harder, and harder to find homes with all the lovely, original windows, and details! Gorgeous.

    The Perfect Life


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