Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brunschwig Barbados

I love hunting fabrics on eBay because I never know what I'll find. And though I do purport to be a fabric specialist, I by no means know all the patterns ever made by all manufacturers (though I'm trying!) eBay always serves up a nice arrangement of current, vintage and hard-to-find fabrics in patterns that are familiar as well as unknown (to me, anyway).

My latest find is this new-to-me pattern called Barbados from Brunschwig & Fils:

I love fern-type patterns and this fabric has that tropical fern-like vibe but with a beautiful color twist. LOVE the emerald green with turquoise and mustard. I think Pantone has brainwashed me because now I'm seeing emerald EVERYWHERE...and loving it. 

How would I use this? Likely in sunroom. Or maybe in a bedroom paired with some of the softer hues in the fabric. 

The ebay listing is for a wee piece but that's sometimes the best way to get designer fabrics...in smaller affordable doses that can be used for pillows. I haven't bought this one, so it's up for grabs!



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