Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Crush

My jaw dropped when I saw this china that Olivia over at Lacquered Life will be using for her Easter table. And then I fell over when she said she scored it from her parents' basement. That is most certainly a score. If you like it as much as I do, you must read this blog post in which Olivia plans out her table around this china - gorgeous ideas that are getting me ready for spring entertaining.

Have a wonderful weekend...see you Monday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Now these are recliners I can get behind. Or lay on.

Design by Diamond Baratta, image via

Are you generally against recliners but have had to wage the recliner battle at home? Or at least the comfy chair battle? Comfy and stylish are not mutually exclusive. A happy medium can be found. Not to say these chairs would be as comfortable as a huge, squishy recliner but they look pretty great for lounging and look pretty bomb in this room. That mirror, wall color and carpet sing with the chair upholstery. Have you ever seen such interesting chairs? Imagine when that fire is roaring...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Sister's Foyer

I keep meaning to share these photos with you of Adriana and Chuck's (my sister and brother-in-law) foyer using this wallpaper:

I think it turned out great! They went with a classic marble and granite checkerboard floor which provides a stunning contrast against the cheerful wallpaper. And although the wallpaper is definitely flowery, I think it looks fresh and not at all girly or fussy paired with the floor and lighting.

And they created a little entry station for keys, mail, checking your hair/makeup (how I use it), etc with this demilune table and this Moroccan mirror. It really creates a wonderful welcoming entry to their home.

My sister and I have similar taste/style but on the spectrum of this style I'd say my version is a bit more amped/glitzy and her version is typically more classic/tailored. But this foyer suits both of us just fine. I would love to replicate this look if only we had a foyer. #foyerenvy

Monday, March 24, 2014

Caspari Garden Follies

My hair clogged the shower drain for the 372nd time this weekend. Since my last hairball killed the snake-thingy, we were due for a new one. So Sunday afternoon, Carter and I popped into the neighborhood hardware store that happens to have a little gift section at the front and, Y'ALL, I made quite the discovery. That I'm obsessing over.

Caspari has a new (at least to me) Chinoiserie print!

And it's EVERYTHING. I'm so in love. Say hello to Garden Follies (cue the chorus of angels):

{{Standing Ovation}}

The place cards! I can not even.

Chinoiserie lovers, is this not perfection in a plate? A PAPER plate. If you are hosting anything this spring - baby shower, bridal shower, lunch, brunch, whatever - THIS is the pattern for you. It screams spring and the color palette is beyond amazing. Red chargers. Pink candles. Green glasses. Butterflies galore. Bamboo flatware. The table-setting possibilities abound.

Way to clog the drain, dark tresses. High-five. Teamwork leads to beautiful results and you can be sure that I will be adding these items to my Caspari collection. #casparihoarder

UPDATE: This is likely obvious to many of you, but this is indeed a collaboration between the artist Harrison Howard and Caspari. I can't think of a better combination! Read more about it here...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Crush

Photo by Tria Giovan

It's spring! Break out your chintz! Love, love the richness of this design from a Virginia home by Suzanne Rheinstein. Chintz and flowers don't have to be all crazy color and sweetness. This room shows that chintz can be moody - seems like the perfect space to move from winter to spring. So chic.

Have a great weekend as we kick off some warmer months...see you next week!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Noteworthy Exterior Revamp

Bailey McCarthy posted this exterior before and after on Instagram a while back, majorly catching my attention.

I love a well-proportioned small(er) house and this photo shows exactly the kind of potential these homes can have. 

A coat of fresh paint, some simple detail changes around the door and very light landscaping...that's all it took to quickly maximize this house's curb appeal.

You know I love an old house so I get happy when I see wonderful results like this. And if you're interested in seeing the home's interior, here's the whole house tour (it's amazing, obvi).

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anshun by Schumacher

It's been a while since we've talked drop-dead gorgeous fabrics, so here's a stellar find to add to our ongoing conversation.

Anshun by Schumacher:

Where to start??? The colors? Deep jungle greens, peaches and rose, cerulean blues...all working magically together to create an unexpected jewel-tone palette. Yes, yes, yes. SO good.

And I of course love the birds but mostly love the little insects - butterflies and dragonflies - that seamlessly mix with the flowers.

This is crazy pretty. I would love huge big swaths of it like curtains or couch upholstery. And I would have to pair it with forest green velvet...HAVE TO. Maybe with a blue leather chair. #luxeliving

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Crush

Photo by Thomas Loof for House Beautiful

I'm not one for gray walls or gray in general. I see the appeal of the neutral's just not one of my favorite colors to work with. But this office situation, designed by Ashley Whittaker, is an example of gray I can get on board with. The wall color is really, really pretty contrasted with the beautiful ceiling molding. And the modern art in a vibrant tone of orchid with that gold lamp help to make the space feel lively and anything but drab. Are you a fan of gray?

We have a busy weekend that I'm looking forward to...hope you are excited for yours as well. See you next week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Nursery Name Prints

My super-ridiculously-talented friend, Crystal, is not only an amazing photographer but is also a major graphic designer. She has so many skills. I'm constantly in awe and have learned SO much working with her.

Her latest venture, inspired by her sweet little girl Paige, is custom nursery art. She recently showed me these name prints she has up in the shop AND I LOVE THEM. So sweet:

Stop it. So cute. And Crystal is wicked creative, so I'm sure that if you like where these are going but have a particular subject matter in mind, Crystal could whip you up something extra custom.

Check them out in her Etsy shop!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Charming Alcove Bed

image source (more info welcome...)

First, I love an alcove bed. Thomas Jefferson did too. Tremendously cozy and a stunning architectural detail in a room. I've always wanted one.

Second, this one above is a FANTASTIC idea for a small bedroom. Using one wall as an anchor for the bed and built-ins makes the room so functional and completely special. The mattress can sit on top of built-in drawers that provide storage allowing you to free up floor space. And built-in bookcases provide room for display and additional storage. Such a great idea.

I love how this particular nook is layered with textiles - curtains, an upholstered headboard, a roman shade. And the darling details of the sconce and artwork. The dolls are slightly creepy. But the space is charming and lovely for a child.

I'm all for sleeping right up on a window like that too. I need natural light to wake me up (and almost never mind it even when I'm trying to sleep in). But maybe you'd be anti-window, in which case, this works on any ol' wall.

I need an alcove bed in my house at some point. Definitely holding on to this image as inspiration.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Crush

Photo by William Abranowicz for Elle Decor

Grant Gibson grasscloth bathroom. Say that three times fast. And then shield your eyes from that Keep Calm poster. But can we agree that, otherwise, this bathroom is great? THE LILAC GRASSCLOTH WALLS. And the painted door and moldings. Yes, yes. Also love the light fixture and the console sink. It's just a gorgeous and delicious colorful treat in a small space.

Hope some warm sunshine is in your future this weekend...see you next week!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happening Now

Or perhaps I should title this post "Happening Eventually" because we've had a bit of a slow start with this one...but this, THIS, is happening at our house:

BLACK DOORS, y'all! I'm so thrilled to finally be tackling this one. It's been on my to-do list for centuries but it always falls to the back burner.

But now that we've kind of reached a point where we can do the "little things" in this house, this one is up first. Our rooms have those awesome, cheapy, hollow-core doors that drive Carter bonkers. He likes his doors like he likes his women - solid. So we're starting downstairs by replacing the guest bedroom doors with sturdy, paneled situations and then they are getting a glossy coat of black paint. Followed by the bathroom, hall closet, basement, and front door! We then have three upstairs doors to tackle. The only doors that will escape the treatment are our french doors.

I know it's going to be a small change that I will be kicking myself for not having done sooner.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Renovated Vermont Farmhouse

I'll put it out into the universe that Carter and I would love to buy an old farmhouse (someday). Something small and humble that needs renovation but with great views of the Blue Ridge. A home we could use as a weekend place to start and maybe a forever home down the road.

Hopefully someday I'll be blogging about said renovation and I wouldn't mind if it looked a lot like this home in Vermont belonging to Jane Benson Ackerman:

Photos by Eric Roth for This Old House

Requirement for the farmhouse? A beautiful dining table in the kitchen...

...and a sink like this.

 Beautiful built-ins.

 Love the red-painted stair treads.

Awesomely cozy guest room with a red-painted floor. Imagine how gorgeous in the snow.

The tile combo is distinct paired with mint green walls.

What do you think? Love it as much as I do? Check out more pictures of this home here. The interiors skew a teeny bit country for me, but the architecture and features are right up my alley. A perfect addition to my dream files.

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