Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AO House Tour: Living Room

Welcome to our living room:

Thought I'd leave the commentary for last this time...

You walk RIGHT into our living room from our front door and I have to say that I love that this is the first room we and guests walk into - I think it's the most evolved space since it's been around the longest. And I don't mean evolved like I've changed it a million times. I mean that I decorated it slowly and meaningfully until I got it just the way I wanted, and then I stopped (which is hard for me to do).

As you can see from yesterday's before pictures, we've done a lot in this space. And by we, I mean Carter and our dads. Carter and his dad ran the crown and the door moldings (not to mention fixed like a million things) and my dad painted the whole room. The dads and Carter also installed those french doors, which I think is kind of a key feature of the space.

Here's a pic before french doors:

And after french doors:

Totally the right move and we LOVE them! Notice how I still don't have door hardware on them...four years later...oopsies.

So, let's talk about the major stunner of the room - that fireplace mantel + built-ins combo. Yowza! Y'all they are amazing...and built completely BY HAND by Carter and his dad. Like, real-deal craftsmanship that is just so pretty. I was a little hesitant to create a big focal point around our fireplace because our living room is not large - I didn't want to lose floor space. But boy did it make a difference. Once that fireplace was in, the room just felt cozy and the charm factor went up a million levels.

Let's recall before the mantel:

This is the room about 6-9 months in with paint and some furniture, but no zhush:

And the after with the fireplace mantel in all of its glory - notice we painted the brick black:

The wood-burning fireplace was a major selling point for us, and turning it into the showstopper in the room just made us so happy. We love it.

I wish I had better pictures of the window so you could see the pelmet box because it was a great DIY project - I think the first image shows it the best. It's aqua velvet with orange Greek key trim! If you want to know how we made it, check out the DIY pelmet box post I did.

Like most spaces in my house, this one is a mish-mash of hand-me-downs, vintage and new. I think if one room in the house had to define my "style", this would be it. Not sure what that style is, but I look at this space and think "Yup. That's me."

Hope you like it!

*Coming Soon*


  1. I adore French doors too! We had installed some in our 1923 house up North, and then again in this new(ish) house in N.C. What an elegant difference they always make. Yes, I noticed no hardware and wondered if there was a reason... all in good time, right?
    I know green walls are not for everyone, but I love yours! My office is an avacado green which I love also, except that behind me, when I'm on Skype, they don't do great things for my skin... but otherwise I am a fan!

  2. Just lovely! And can I say: Nice to actually see BOOKS in a bookcase! I get that styling bookcases is fun, but people seem to forget what they were built for. C'mon.... Kindles haven't been around THAT long! I am always suspicious of people who have no books in their home. :)

  3. Your living room is so wonderful! I'm loving the green walls and the mix of accent colors. You are a pro at accessorizing! :)

  4. Anonymous11/12/2013

    I love your living room. I would never think of putting some of these pieces together, but it looks so effortlessly chic. You're very talented.


  5. You have a fabulous eye for color, scale..and detail..Love your home..

  6. Beautiful living room! Great colours!


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