Monday, September 2, 2013

AO House Tour: Nursery Plans

I am thrilled to be talking about Ana Claire's nursery. It might be my favorite room in the house. It's one of those spaces that just came together. And if you remember this post, I was fretting over this room because my initial concept was a total #fail.

But I'm so glad I had to rethink the direction. Here's the design board which illustrates most pieces of the space:

I took the color palette from the star of the show, Brunschwig & Fils' Le Lac, which I used on the curtains:

Carter painted the walls the most PERFECT shade of jade green and then I used a combination of pink and red in her bedding and the rocking chair as well as red trim on the curtains.

If you recall my posts on this room, it is chock FULL of vintage pieces, all re-imagined for this space. Here's a parade of some of the items that got a makeover:

Many of these treasures I already had and just had not found the right spot for them. And some of these I picked up specifically for the nursery. I love that they all have a little history and Carter and I cleaned them up and made them super pretty for this space.

Tune in tomorrow for all of the "after" photos...

p.s. If you want to take a tour of nursery posts with more details on the planning, click here...

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