Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tangerine + Lavender

I know y'all have seen this image from Lilly Bunn Interiors. How can you forget lavender grasscloth with a tangerine couch? But I recently saw it anew and am just so into the color palette. Perhaps it's Carter's complete devotion to Clemson* as college football starts to take over OUR LIFE in this house that has me focused on this palette?

I think lavender has been having a moment for a long time (read three blog posts about it here). It's such a great secondary color to a bold primary. And just last week I pulled the trigger on a lavender area rug to sit below some vintage wicker chairs with orange cushions and it's going to be great.

How do you feel about this bold color combo? Yes? No?

*Let the record show we went to the University of Virginia. But as a South Carolinian, Carter has a Clemson allegiance hailing from childhood. The man always bleeds orange - he just pairs it with blue or purple depending on who is playing.

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