Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AO House Tour: Master Bedroom

Admittedly, if you recall this post from three years (!) ago, our room looks pretty much the same. That's cool with me - it's working. I really love it. It's simple with not a lot of distractions. The angled ceilings really limit the pieces of flair you can put on the walls and I welcomed the limitation.

The biggest change is likely the rug - we really needed something to warm up the floors so I opted for a lovely traditional rug that has that gorgeous shade of celadon blue.

We've kicked our puffy duvet to the curb since Ana Claire's arrival. We usually like to have our bedroom nice and chilly in the winter but seeing as how infants need regulated temperatures...well, the duvet just isn't needed. I kind of like the clean lines of the bed without it.

The box spring cover is one of my favorite DIY projects - full directions here in this old post.

I made the pillow on the bed with my inspiration fabric - Schumacher's Lotus Garden.  It might be my #1 sewing project to date. I piped and backed it in the brown stripe and it's pretty amazing. It's actually a king-sized pillow (with my cover over it) which I find is the perfect size to serve as a decorative pillow for a queen-sized bed.

I also FINALLY recovered the seat of my chair. It's been YEARS since I've been wanting to do it, and I finally spiffed it up with a piece of my fabric. I love how the browns mix with that terracotta color.  Side note: I registered for that little basket (that I use as my wastebasket) from Pottery Barn (I think) when we got married and boy has it been a favorite. I adore it and was super-smart to also register for its big sister size, which lives in our guest bathroom.

Ok, not a super-exciting corner but keepin' it real. The vanity in the previous picture as well as this chest of drawers are hand-me-downs from Mama Jo, Carter's grandmother. I love that they are my everyday pieces because they have a lot of meaning. The set also came with a four-poster bed which lives in one of our guest bedrooms (I would have used it for us in a heartbeat but it's a double). Enjoy the peek of my messy closet. 

Note that the alcove pictured in the before photos is not amongst this set of pix...I just can't get that space right. It's just a weird hodge-podge at the moment. I'm hoping to be inspired one of these days and then I'll bring you a post on how I turned it into a magical spot.

Paint - Desert Camel by Behr
Bed - Louis Bed by Ballard Designs (our was a low-profile version that seems no longer available)
Rug - Newberry Area Rug in Blue/Cream
Box spring cover - DIY
Curtain and box spring fabric - Soleil Sun Stripe in Mocha by Waverly
Pillow and chair seat fabric - Lotus Garden in Lacquer by Schumacher
Brown velvet pillows on bed - Essential Pillow Covers from Ballard Designs
Chair - hand-me-down
Vanity desk - Vintage hand-me-down
Side table, sunburst mirrors - HomeGoods
Bamboo shade - Overstock
Lamps - Can't recall source, but these are similar


  1. Love the desk next to the bed! That is something I really wish I could have done in our master but don't have the space...maybe the next house ;)

  2. Looks very pretty!! Love the rug and fabric choices. I have done my bedroom in all the same tones of bronze. Thanks for sharing.


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