Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Octagon Dot Kitchen Floor

I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger TWO MONTHS AGO re: our kitchen floor. Let me tell you that during those two months, I went to the brink and back. I'll say it again - renovation is no joke.

But, alas, I believe we emerged triumphant. During a random Pinterest search that was going nowhere on an unrelated topic (story of my life), I came across this photo:

Carter and I both had a simultaneous "that's it!" moment when we saw the floor. The very classic black and white octagon dot tile pattern, but with the colors reversed. It was genius and exactly what we wanted.

(Sidenote: Our kitchen will not at ALL be this dark and sexy, but it's lovely isn't it?)

So, empowered by this discovery, I launched a thousand ships in search of this tile. This was obviously going to be easy to find - it's so simple! so classic! I was v wrong.

I did end up finding it online for a great price - easy peasy. Until they informed me they had zero stock and the tile maker had discontinued making it. Of course.

And that was it. It was NOWHERE to be found in the size we wanted, which is smaller scale. I turned around one hundred million non-octagon-dot options...but they all kept coming up short.

Until another random search (God bless 'em) landed me on a local vendor that makes mosaic tiles all day long. This was after about 6 weeks of searching.

So, we're going custom. Although not the most budget-friendly option, the big upside is we got to choose the materials. We were really digging the option of a marble floor (see July cliffhanger picture) but the ready-made octagon dots were porcelain. And now we get to marry the marble and the pattern we want. Should look something like this:

I'm pretty happy about it, despite the additional gray hairs it gave me.

So cabinets are set and ready to be delivered. The floor is selected and we should have it this weekend. Our den has been stripped to studs and is being drywalled...it's all happening.

I have so much to tell you that I get paralyzed with every post. There is just so much to share! An excellent problem to have...but my plan is certainly to document it here. Slowly but surely...

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