Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Crush

Source, anyone?

The stuff that (my) little girl dreams are made of. My love for buffalo check knows no bounds. Truly. And the alcove bed is perfection. And what little girl wouldn't want her own star twinkling above her head - or her own green chair with contrast welt? Two details that really elevate the space - the fabric curtains inside the built-ins (amazing way to hide clutter) and the beadboard accent in the alcove. So much yes here.

I am having trouble recovering from vacation. It's been a crazy week with little sleep and lots to do. I'm hoping this weekend brings some much-needed catch-up time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you next week! (promise...)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach Trip Photos

Ready for a recount of our beach trip according to my phone? Which is essentially only pictures of my children. This is why you read my blog, right??

^^Not a beach pic. And it's blurry. But he's so cute.^^

We Shufflers come alive at the beach. And in the mountains. Don't be fooled - I am not outdoorsy, but I like to be in these places. Sitting. Watching. 

Ana Claire had just about the best time a two-year-old can have. So much ice cream. A constant wet bathing suit. A non-existent bedtime. Driving the golf cart with daddy. And so many cousins to play with.

And little Mac just relaxed and enjoyed many LONG naps that he is unable to take at home with his sister's busy library-storytime-music-class-playdates schedule.

We are refreshed and happy to have had some much-needed quality time together and with extended family. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Catalog Pick: Shades of Light Fretwork Chair

Happy Monday! Did you miss me last week? I seem to just be ducking out willy nilly these days but this past week was our annual family beach vacation and although my intention is always to blog, I inevitably forget that the wifi at our beach house is essentially nonexistent. That was a really long sentence.

But I'm back with a bang in the form of this statement fretwork chair from Shades of Light. It comes in a set of two and that seat is just begging to be recovered in amazing fabric. Love the beautiful honey tone of the wood too. Two thumbs up!

I have lots of adorable pictures to share from our vacation - will post them. Hope you had a great week!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Crush

Stairs and rugs. Apparently that was the theme this week. In other news, I think I could eventually get down with a really modern house. Like, when we retire to the woods. The clean lines are appealing. And modern elements always make the traditional feel interesting - like in this scenario where a modern railing really makes an otherwise simple vignette special.

Hope you have some bang-up summer plans for this weekend. Have a great one and see you next week!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Colorful Stairs

image source anyone?

In reality, I could never live with this much white. But boy does it make a statement, especially with that piano. Two thumbs up.

I'm determined to do something on the gloomy basement stairs that head down into Shuffler Playland (i.e. playroom). The vibe down there is so happy but you have to take scary, steep, dark steps to get there. This is part of the expanded basement renovation that has yet to happen. Can you tell I'm kind of focused on griping about our lack of progress on this project? 


But I'm filing this idea away - I'm digging the white steps with a bold contrast runner.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catalog Pick: Safavieh Four Seasons Rug

I am constantly searching for rugs. For me, for clients. Rugs. All the time. And they are so hard to find. And the online factor is risky. But the in-store factor isn't always fruitful. So I'm always searching.

And my search turned up this delightful option from Safavieh on Wayfair - LOVE the colors, texture seems durable (read: family friendly), price is amazing (read: low commitment)...perfect for a family space. Like, maybe my basement playroom extension that has yet to be built.

I wonder if it's soft enough for an area that your kids aren't going to trample. I think its indoor/outdoor which always makes me think it will be slightly crunchy, but I do love the pattern for a living room or den. Hmmmm...

Oh and it comes in loads of sizes, so a runner would also be a great option...see it here

Are you always searching for rugs? Where do you look?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Crush

image via

Feeling great about this traditional desk + modern chair + blue curtain + green couch + yellow lamp + natural fiber rug situation. Also love the fireplace built-ins and the bamboo blinds, a personal favorite I use in my own house. The big blocks of color really work, don't you think? Especially with the lovely brown textures that work as anchors. I could live here for sure and for certain.

Summer is in full swing. The pool and backyard are getting lots of play and we'll be back in both spots this weekend. Hope you have some fun plans lined up. Enjoy the time off...see you next week!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rug Inspiration

That. Rug.

Can't. Stop. Staring.

At. That. Rug.

The colors! The pattern! The COLORS. I would like a rug like this to come into my life. I'm actually waiting for a rug to take my breath away that I can actually purchase to put in our living room and kick off an update. When that will happen, who knows. But I see rugs like this and I get impatient.

See other details of this great room and more of the rug on the blog Annabode.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Catalog Picks: Gilt at Wisteria

Just received a fresh Wisteria catalog and was perusing to pick something out to share with y'all but I couldn't decide among several items - all of which have a gorgeous gilded finish.

Disclaimer - two of these are out of stock (SO annoying Wisteria! If you send the catalog, make sure you have some stock!) but they are set to return so you can still purchase if you aren't in a rush.

Hands-down, my favorite is that egg table. It is so unique and completely lovely. I would pile it high with decorating books and candlesticks and all the things I can no longer put out in the open with sticky fingers around. 

Second is the lantern because it's lines are so good but a little different than the typical lantern. LOVE the finish. And I think it looks really fancy/pricey even though it has an expensive-but-not-too-bad price tag.

And who doesn't love a solid gold mirror? Completely classic and timeless and versatile as a vertical or horizontal situation.

I will point out the obvious that these would all look very pretty in the same space. You're welcome for that tip.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Byzantine Barnyard

The images in this post really speak for themselves. I came across this series of captivating animal prints by Walking Paper Studios on Houzz. Did you know is this huge marketplace now too? Not just pictures? It is. But I digress.

Back to this Byzantine Barnyard as I have dubbed it. Meet my new friends:

One alone would make the perfect statement in a room (the "I don't take myself, this room, or art too seriously" statement) but a set would also be pretty fantastic.

We've seen lots of animal art recently but I think these prints move the needle a little bit with the creativity. Do you like them???

See more here...

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