Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catalog Pick: Safavieh Four Seasons Rug

I am constantly searching for rugs. For me, for clients. Rugs. All the time. And they are so hard to find. And the online factor is risky. But the in-store factor isn't always fruitful. So I'm always searching.

And my search turned up this delightful option from Safavieh on Wayfair - LOVE the colors, texture seems durable (read: family friendly), price is amazing (read: low commitment)...perfect for a family space. Like, maybe my basement playroom extension that has yet to be built.

I wonder if it's soft enough for an area that your kids aren't going to trample. I think its indoor/outdoor which always makes me think it will be slightly crunchy, but I do love the pattern for a living room or den. Hmmmm...

Oh and it comes in loads of sizes, so a runner would also be a great option...see it here

Are you always searching for rugs? Where do you look?

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