Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Catalog Picks: Gilt at Wisteria

Just received a fresh Wisteria catalog and was perusing to pick something out to share with y'all but I couldn't decide among several items - all of which have a gorgeous gilded finish.

Disclaimer - two of these are out of stock (SO annoying Wisteria! If you send the catalog, make sure you have some stock!) but they are set to return so you can still purchase if you aren't in a rush.

Hands-down, my favorite is that egg table. It is so unique and completely lovely. I would pile it high with decorating books and candlesticks and all the things I can no longer put out in the open with sticky fingers around. 

Second is the lantern because it's lines are so good but a little different than the typical lantern. LOVE the finish. And I think it looks really fancy/pricey even though it has an expensive-but-not-too-bad price tag.

And who doesn't love a solid gold mirror? Completely classic and timeless and versatile as a vertical or horizontal situation.

I will point out the obvious that these would all look very pretty in the same space. You're welcome for that tip.

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