Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Crush

That mint console is bananas...spotted on Gorgeous Shiny Things (Danika is WAY talented if you're not reading this blog), from Christopher Farr cloth. I seriously can't stop looking at how amazing that mint is contrasted with navy, with a peek of lilac in the room beyond - what a gorgeous color combination.

Have a fantastic weekend...see you Monday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beginnings of a Dining Room

I came across these Japanese panels and thought they would be perfect as the focal point of a dining room, over a sideboard or buffet.

Sorry for the dinky picture...the panels are on Overstock for $160, which is a great price for something that will cover so much wall.

Let's paint the walls a whisper pink...something more peachy than red. And then make billowy curtains out of this buffalo check in a beautiful sea green:

If pink is a little much for you, we can also paint a golden tan...something light and pastel. Then we'd place this console under the panels:

And we'd style it with lots of Blanc de Chine, like this urn:

Oh, and we'd need two lamps like these, but I'd switch out the shade for black drum shades.

Or do we think the black drum shades won't contrast enough against the wall panels? Hmmm...

What would you do for a dining table and chairs?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chinoiserie Toile Bedroom

I immediately pinned this image of a crisp emerald headboard against a divine toile wallpaper when I saw it on The Pink Pagoda:

via Real Simple magazine

And though green is the color of choice for most of my house, if I were to do this in a bedroom, I would opt for the same concept done in lavender or pink. The result would be breathtaking! Are you interested? If so, this is what I recommend...

This fabric is a fantastic Chinoiserie toile that would look gorgeous used as wallpaper - it's Robert Allen's Full Sails in Violet:

And this tufted lavender headboard would be quite fetching placed against it as our example picture shows. It's from Home Decorators' custom upholstery collection, which I must say, has some nice variety of choices:

Our example photo has the headboard done in a bolder hue, but I think having the "wallpaper" in our scenario have a bit more punch will look stunning, don't you?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood-Paneled Ceiling

Yes, this a page from the latest Ballard Designs catalog. But take a moment and strip away everything in the room, leaving only the bed, the wall color, and that ceiling:

It is a brilliant combination...I adore the vintage hues of the floral fabric and the wall color is a wonderful complement - but then to think of paneling the ceiling with honey-hued wood planks? Good move by Ballard's design team. I had to stop and recollect if I've ever seen this treatment's not such an out-of-the-box idea, but I don't recall seeing it executed. I've seen many a white beadboard ceiling before. In this case, I love the combination of the golden wood on the ceiling and the rich brown on the floor.

That spot, in the upper corner, where the ceiling meets the crown meets the wall color...divine!

And if you like the fabric, Ballard sells it by the yard here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Catalog Pick: West Elm Baskets

I got the latest West Elm catalog this weekend and I LOVE their basket choices that are sporting an on-trend ethnic vibe:

 I am OBSESSED with these colorful lidded baskets that I've seen on the market (at places like Serena & Lily, Furbish) and I'm really digging West Elm's take because of their colors and two sizes. I definitely have these on my wish list.

Really like the idea of using one of these baskets as a planter...would look gorgeous in a traditional space.

I would use this basket on a fireplace hearth and fill it with books and magazines.

We all know that I love to amass a collection of throw blankets, and my favorite way to display them if not draped across a piece of furniture is neatly folded in a basket like this one. I also like the look of crisp white towels neatly folded and kept in a basket like this in a guest bathroom.

Have you pulled the trigger on any of these baskets??

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Crush

Are these Chinoiserie panels not GORGEOUS? They are part of the Grace Home Furnishings sale currently happening on One Kings Lane. If you haven't seen the sale, it's worth a look because it is full of awesome Chinoiserie items...for me it's more of just an inspirational look - items be pricey - but I love to look anyway!

Have a fantastic weekend...see you Monday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gaston y Daniela

As our taxi pulled away from the bustle of Madrid, I caught a glimpse of the facade of Gaston y Daniela, a Spanish interior design company. My familiarity with the brand comes from running across some of their fabrics in the past and I of course wanted to halt the taxi and jump out to enter their store, but missing our flight was not an option.

I can only imagine how gorgeous their storefront must be inside. A review of their website once I was back on American soil showed me that they are HUGE in their reach in the interior design world in Spain (and internationally). They have an awesome portfolio (including Spanish palaces) and a full line of fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, accessories - you name it.

Look at this beautiful private residence in Madrid by G&D:

And look at this bananas hotel (Hotel Palace) in Barcelona. Very over-the-top with touches of Chinoiserie, which is how I like my hotels.

And some of their playful fabric offerings:

Check out more of their portfolio and products by visiting their website here. Wonder what the "Daniela" was like that founded the company or inspired the name....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty Bedding for Spring

What do you do around your house when Spring hits? asked me and several other DC-area bloggers this question and, for me, it seems to change every year, but I consistently feel an urge to pretty-up my surroundings around this time. Spring feels like the most feminine season to me.

This year, I'm seriously (seriously) craving girly bedding. Monograms, scallops, embroidery, etc. When it gets just a tad warm in our house, I want to kick off all the duvets and blankets and recently I've wanted to also replace everything with something sweet and delicate.

And I just found an awesome source for bedding the other day in the form of a catalog (sidenote: I love getting random catalogs in the mail and discovering a new-to-me source). Check out this gorgeous bedding from Schweitzer Linen:

It's so pretty and most of the sets come in a range of colors. The price points are still a bit high like other luxury linen brands, but I like that they offer their pieces individually - this lets you buy just shams or maybe just a top sheet that you can then mix in with more affordable pieces. I'm saving my pennies for a scalloped king-size sham that I will use as a center boudoir pillow on my guest bed.

Their website is a little cumbersome to navigate, so I would suggest starting with their catalog, which you can download online (link at the bottom of the home page). And don't forget to check out what other lovely bloggers had to say about Spring in their own homes.

So, what do you do to usher in this season?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chairs, In Situ

Be mesmerized by these chairs in situ courtesy of genius designer Schuyler Samperton:

Yesterday's post feature a pink living room designed my Ms. Samperton and I'm currently obsessed with her portfolio. I'm also obsessed with chairs and I absolutely LOVE how these portfolio pictures highlight different chairs in different styles in different spaces. So incredibly gorgeous!!

#2 is my favorite - I don't often (as in never) pair yellow with brown, but it works so well in this Chinoiserie arrangement - especially with the orchid's pink.

Which is your favorite??

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rustic Pink

I really love how well a beautiful does of pink works in a rustic interior.

Exposed wood beams next to hot pink make a fetching combination. Staring at these images, I also think that what makes both looks memorable are the white walls - the contrast of brown and pink really pop when the walls are kept white. I've come to love white walls in rooms like these - I'm always one for paint, but I keep seeing beautiful, colorful, rooms with white walls that blow me away!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Crush

Surprise! I went to Spain! Carter and I were soaking up the Spanish sun last week and just got back this week. It was an AMAZING trip to celebrate both our 5-year wedding anniversary coming up in April and Carter's birthday. This picture I took with my cell phone in Toledo - our hotel had a fantastic rooftop terrace and I took this picture on Carter's actual birthday as the sun was setting and we were splitting a bottle of wine. Yes, it was incredible. Carter was the main photographer so I'll look through his pictures and if I see some good ones, I'll post them next week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...see you Monday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quadrille Patchwork Pouf

This Morrocan pouf cover is made from a patchwork of Quadrille fabrics....I spot many of my favorites. What a brilliant idea by Etsy seller MarleyMaterial. If you have $475 burning a hole in your pocket, consider spending it here (keep in mind that Quadrille fabric is really pricey).

We all know this because we read design blogs, but I'm not sure other humans know that you can find so many pillows, pillow covers, and sometimes poufs on Etsy made from all of the high-end fabric designers. Schumacher, Kravet, Brunschwig - most of the hip fabrics are available and pillows are a great way to add a designer fabric to your home without spending hundreds on yardage. Check out my ideabook on Houzz that rounds up several designer pillows available on Etsy...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wee Loot

I have recently purchased two items that are diminutive in stature...petite, if you will. And they are darling. I happen to work across the street from a bananas-awesome consignment shop. This place is PACKED with goodies and it is my favorite spot to spend a lunch break.

During my last visit, I encountered this sweet little chair. Its beautiful detailing and tassled-velvet pink chair pad pulled at my heart strings.

Side note for furniture buffs, what would the style/decoration of this chair be classified as?

This beautiful little chair was $75 and I couldn't walk away....nowhere to put it, but I couldn't walk away. I'm thinking of using it as a decorative chair in my new office, under one of the windows.

A couple of days later during a trip to HomeGoods, I found a gorgeous little faux-burlwood table. And for $50, I also couldn't pass it up.

Again, nowhere to put it, but it's quite small so I should be able to squeeze it in somewhere. I just loved the finish on it and it's an inexpensive little piece that I can move around the house.

In other news, when I put the two pieces together, they create the most adorable wee desk you've ever seen:

No way any full-grown human can actually fit at this desk, but it's super-cute to look at.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

French Blue + Crisp White

Will the combination of bright french blue and crisp white ever get old or go out of style? I don't think that's possible. These images made my love for this combination soar to new heights.

 Image via Chinoiserie Chic

Gorgeous! And I am so enamored with the look of this color combo against lovely woods as pictured in the home office...and that desk is to die for. Such a pretty space!

If you are a blue + white nut like me, make sure you check out The Pink Pagoda's "Blue and White Monday" posts...every Monday, obvi.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Home Office Saga

Can I vent for a moment? About my home office? Because I'm about to embark on a seventh coat of paint and a fifth design scheme and I need some support.

I posted about this room over a year ago, and let me tell you that the proposed scheme went nowhere. Nowhere. I find that when I have a design plan and it feels right, I get it done. No dilly-dallying - I pull triggers with a big smile on my face and my rooms can come together VERY quickly. And that is how most of my home has been...except for this dreaded guest bedroom which will also double as my home office.

I think that's the issue too. Because this space is uniquely mine...a place where I will design and create...I feel extra pressure that it should be very representative of me and an inspiring nook for me to work in. And I think I need to chill on that because it's creating design roadblocks.

About a month ago, I was visiting a favorite fabric shop and found a small remnant of China Seas' Turtle Batik in the orange colorway. Took it home with no plan for its use until a flash of brilliance suggested that it was the perfect new inspiration for my home office. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw me post this photo hinting at my idea...

Pelmet boxes would be replaced with the fabric, showcasing my signature color of orange. A Cowtan & Tout ikat that I love and haven't used would grace the bed. Walls would be painted a sophisticated tan. And gold accents would abound. Sounds glorious, right?

Well, I executed that plan and it was all wrong. ALL WRONG. The room, with paint and pelmet boxes, turned out completely dark and very heavy-traditional (since it also doubles as a guest bedroom, I have a beautiful dark wood four-poster bed). I am likely exaggerating because the combination wasn't all that bad, but it was nothing like what I want my office to be.

I have now painted the room five or six times. It's not a huge room, but a paint job for a full room can still suck a weekend from you. And I've done it five or six times. And I'm about to do it again.

Since my Turtle Batik disaster, I launched a search for a new fabric that would truly create the space I want...even though I have no idea what I'm looking for. After a couple of weeks of eBay hunting, I came across ten yards of a pretty vintage Waverly Schumacher (were they merged at one point?) floral with a mint-jade background and all of my favorite colors as accents (except no orange, which is a bummer).

Pictures from the eBay listing (excuse the blurriness and the china set - apparently this fabric has a matching china pattern):

I was actually staying away from florals, but something about this fabric caught my attention. I think the bounty of colors makes it feel special. And I've been slightly obsessed with the color mint as of late, so it spoke to my inner mint-lover.

I'm going to paint the walls the same color as the fabric's background - the minty jade tone. Very pretty. I have a pair of vintage lamps that I picked up from Jenny's sale a long time ago that I have always slated for use in this room. They will get pagoda lampshades.

I'm going to pick up a large, modern desk from IKEA (it's actually the one I use at my office at WeddingWire, and I love it) and use a vintage desk chair that I've had for a while, covered in a new fabric.

We'll see y'all. I'm a little jaded, pun intended. I have high hopes for this plan, but something about this room seems to ruin all of my best intentions. I'll keep you posted.

Do you have a room that has been the bane of your decorating existence? Do share.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Etsy Crush: Modern Candlesticks

What did y'all think of my Etsy finds this week? I have so much more to share, but thought I would end the week on a slightly different note with these modern candlesticks from Etsy shop Urban Analog. Not everything in my world is color and kitsch - I think these candlesticks are captivating. I love their geometric shape and light-wood tone. I would pair these next to my crystal candlesticks on my dining room table or display the set on one side of my fireplace mantel. Simple and lovely.

Have a fantastic weekend - Carter's birthday is Saturday and we will be celebrating. See you Monday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Etsy Crush: Figurine Pairs

I struggle with my affinity for vintage Chinoiserie figurines. Is my desire to own kitschy statuettes a signal of my bad taste and old-lady ways? I'm not sure...likely.

But I always make the argument (to myself) that these whimsical pieces are brilliant when used in a traditional or modern setting. A little statue pair can look darling on a bookcase or an accent table. Contrast is key...the rest of the room must be straight-laced or at least living in this decade for these statues to pop.

I recently bought this pair from Etsy as I was completely enamored with their french blue/periwinkle coloring. Don't exactly have a place for them but I could not pass them up. It was love (and they are fetching in person).

And these guys would be perfect in my dining room, but I am showing restraint. Love their chartreuse coloring and their tall, slender silhouette. (They look great with that lamp)

These are my glam friends - I love the pink and gold combo. If you don't think these would go over well in your home (say, if you live with Carter), consider taking a risk in a smaller space like a powder room, child's bedroom, or dressing room.

Once figurines cross over into lamp territory, it's a deadly combo for me. I will vehemently argue that if you don't think this trio of lamp people would look adorable in a nursery sporting matching black drum shades, there is something wrong with you.

This fancy lamp pair is quite chic, I think. I wouldn't hesitate to use these guys in a formal living room or study. Next to a butter yellow sofa with some periwinkle pillows...yes.

So, have you judged me as having questionable taste? That's cool. Kitsch is definitely one thing that I understand if it's not your jam...and let's be clear that I'm not equal opportunity when it comes to kitschy vintage items. I'll pass on most of it, but as you can see, I have my soft spots.

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