Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wee Loot

I have recently purchased two items that are diminutive in stature...petite, if you will. And they are darling. I happen to work across the street from a bananas-awesome consignment shop. This place is PACKED with goodies and it is my favorite spot to spend a lunch break.

During my last visit, I encountered this sweet little chair. Its beautiful detailing and tassled-velvet pink chair pad pulled at my heart strings.

Side note for furniture buffs, what would the style/decoration of this chair be classified as?

This beautiful little chair was $75 and I couldn't walk away....nowhere to put it, but I couldn't walk away. I'm thinking of using it as a decorative chair in my new office, under one of the windows.

A couple of days later during a trip to HomeGoods, I found a gorgeous little faux-burlwood table. And for $50, I also couldn't pass it up.

Again, nowhere to put it, but it's quite small so I should be able to squeeze it in somewhere. I just loved the finish on it and it's an inexpensive little piece that I can move around the house.

In other news, when I put the two pieces together, they create the most adorable wee desk you've ever seen:

No way any full-grown human can actually fit at this desk, but it's super-cute to look at.


  1. Too cute and great chair! Love the detail!!

  2. LOVE THE CHAIR! I would have snapped it up IMMEDIATELY, too!!!


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