Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gaston y Daniela

As our taxi pulled away from the bustle of Madrid, I caught a glimpse of the facade of Gaston y Daniela, a Spanish interior design company. My familiarity with the brand comes from running across some of their fabrics in the past and I of course wanted to halt the taxi and jump out to enter their store, but missing our flight was not an option.

I can only imagine how gorgeous their storefront must be inside. A review of their website once I was back on American soil showed me that they are HUGE in their reach in the interior design world in Spain (and internationally). They have an awesome portfolio (including Spanish palaces) and a full line of fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, accessories - you name it.

Look at this beautiful private residence in Madrid by G&D:

And look at this bananas hotel (Hotel Palace) in Barcelona. Very over-the-top with touches of Chinoiserie, which is how I like my hotels.

And some of their playful fabric offerings:

Check out more of their portfolio and products by visiting their website here. Wonder what the "Daniela" was like that founded the company or inspired the name....


  1. My husband and I stayed at the Palace in Barcelona last March, I didn't know they had done the interiors. It was one of my favorite hotels of all time! I still dream of the bathroom...

  2. I stayed at El Palace last year and it was just amazing. I love love love barcelona!


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