Thursday, March 8, 2012

Etsy Crush: Figurine Pairs

I struggle with my affinity for vintage Chinoiserie figurines. Is my desire to own kitschy statuettes a signal of my bad taste and old-lady ways? I'm not sure...likely.

But I always make the argument (to myself) that these whimsical pieces are brilliant when used in a traditional or modern setting. A little statue pair can look darling on a bookcase or an accent table. Contrast is key...the rest of the room must be straight-laced or at least living in this decade for these statues to pop.

I recently bought this pair from Etsy as I was completely enamored with their french blue/periwinkle coloring. Don't exactly have a place for them but I could not pass them up. It was love (and they are fetching in person).

And these guys would be perfect in my dining room, but I am showing restraint. Love their chartreuse coloring and their tall, slender silhouette. (They look great with that lamp)

These are my glam friends - I love the pink and gold combo. If you don't think these would go over well in your home (say, if you live with Carter), consider taking a risk in a smaller space like a powder room, child's bedroom, or dressing room.

Once figurines cross over into lamp territory, it's a deadly combo for me. I will vehemently argue that if you don't think this trio of lamp people would look adorable in a nursery sporting matching black drum shades, there is something wrong with you.

This fancy lamp pair is quite chic, I think. I wouldn't hesitate to use these guys in a formal living room or study. Next to a butter yellow sofa with some periwinkle pillows...yes.

So, have you judged me as having questionable taste? That's cool. Kitsch is definitely one thing that I understand if it's not your jam...and let's be clear that I'm not equal opportunity when it comes to kitschy vintage items. I'll pass on most of it, but as you can see, I have my soft spots.


  1. I have the top pair in chartreuse and black and have considered that second pair...I struggle, too!

  2. OMG Daniela...thank you, thank you, thank you! I have followed your blog for quite a while now and love it! Today I especially love it because you featured my etsy item. I cannot thank you enough, you just made my day:)

  3. I do like asian accents for sure, and love the turquoise buddhas,etc., and rosewood figurines, but I'm not big on kitchy figurines, to be honest! I saw some huge foo dogs at the DC Flea Market that would have made phenomenal lamps though! I do think those last lamps could be stunning in the right setting!

  4. Not to worry,you have lots of company. I agree that most kitsch is a no-no but in well-chosen, small doses it can lighten a space. Just one or two small strange things in every room is a must in my book to add personality.

  5. Daniela, you just tickle me to death sometimes! I don't have any figurines, but just this past weekend, I was looking for just the right, bright accent for my foyer and remembered the Korean dolls my Uncle brought back for me about 50 years ago when he was in the army. I found them, cleaned them up and they look great!

  6. Oh Honey, Lets' tawk! Not sure that to be in my company on this subject will do anything but confirm your old lady status (at one point I had 3 cats....)& there are those that dare question my taste..... but these are all exquisite little morsels of kitschy goodness that as I am late reading the post are surely all gobbled up. Agree a little goes along way; makes you look cool too many & then friends will be whispering among themselves "Is she a horder??? Let's schedule the intervention for next Tuesday."

  7. Junell is hilarious! But I have long thought about collecting the Asian pairs of everything - only holding off due to the thoughts you've expressed. However, I do have one tiny pair of Chinese courting figures that could not be denied and they look fabu in the bedroom with the gold faux bamboo mirrors. If I ever get off the sofa I'll email you a picture!

  8. Those figurines remind me of Scalamandre's Chinoise Exotique wallpaper on our site! It's absolutely delightful!

  9. I love all pf these lamps. My friend and I were in the sweetest little shop yesterday and they had vintage lamps all throughout the displays in the store without shades! They looked adorable!

  10. Anonymous5/18/2013

    wareneck I also have the pair of asian lamps the middle picture of the 3 lamps i would love to send you a picture because my lamps do have the black shades with gold lining and set at the end of my large piece of vintage furniture in my dinning room


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