Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood-Paneled Ceiling

Yes, this a page from the latest Ballard Designs catalog. But take a moment and strip away everything in the room, leaving only the bed, the wall color, and that ceiling:

It is a brilliant combination...I adore the vintage hues of the floral fabric and the wall color is a wonderful complement - but then to think of paneling the ceiling with honey-hued wood planks? Good move by Ballard's design team. I had to stop and recollect if I've ever seen this treatment before...it's not such an out-of-the-box idea, but I don't recall seeing it executed. I've seen many a white beadboard ceiling before. In this case, I love the combination of the golden wood on the ceiling and the rich brown on the floor.

That spot, in the upper corner, where the ceiling meets the crown meets the wall color...divine!

And if you like the fabric, Ballard sells it by the yard here.


  1. I usually like the planks on the ceiling to be white. This does feel fresh and different.

  2. That ceiling if fantastic! How did I miss it, thanks for pointing it out! The wall color is also super pretty. Don't they usually share the name,, I'll have to check!

  3. Isn't it wonderful how much Ballard's stepped it up this year? Not to say they aren't great, they are, but their pairings and stylings are genius right now.

    I love a good wood ceiling! Our family beach place has it in a knotty pine and I Think it's the warmest feeling in the whole world!!


  4. I couldn't agree more. Nice eye for detail!

  5. Anonymous3/27/2012

    It looks like pecky cypress. Old bungalows in Florida (and probably other places) used that for paneling, including on the ceiling. It's very pretty when white-washed, too.

  6. agree - love it. i guess it would be tough to rip out my drywall ceiling and put that in?

  7. So beautiful and bright! If you don't want to wood panel your ceiling, wallpaper is a great alternative. We have a few on our site that look like wood and are just as beautiful!

  8. Funnily, I've had two houses with wood beadboard ceilings. One in my kitchen and the other in my bedroom. They looked great.

  9. You find wood ceilings all over Europe. Especially in Scandinavian homes. And they're a classic in cabins. I think the gray & yellow is what's making it look new and different.


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