Monday, September 9, 2013

AO House Tour: Basement Before

Let's talk about my second favorite space in the house - our family room! If you recall, we renovated our basement to turn it into a comfortable hang-out space. Our house was really lacking in that department with only our living room available for casual entertaining and TV-watching.

But when we bought the house, we knew the basement had huge potential for an eventual conversion. We started the renovation after about 2.5 years of being in the house and once we knew baby was on her way, we (Carter) really pushed through to get it done.

Here are some before photos. The area we renovated was actually two rooms...we (Carter) knocked down a wall to turn it into one larger space.

Separating wall in progress of being knocked out...

I think we took this photo RIGHT after we closed on the house and I'm already taking measurements for an eventual reno...

The basement had some drywall already in place with a bit of insulation. It also had some quasi-finished floors with blah carpet.

My inspiration for the new family room came in the form of art. Specifically, this pastel by artist Susan Schwake:

I spotted this painting (which I got in the form of a print) several months before we actually started work on the space and it was my guide as I started to envision what I wanted the space to be like.

I definitely wanted color - and this pastel palette seemed perfect for a youthful, comfortable family space. Especially once we knew Ana Claire was on her way and the space would also be a play space for a little one.

A little refresher on some of the items I gathered for the space:

Come back tomorrow for the reveal of the finished space!


  1. I'm going to love this space...great sneak peek!!

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