Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AO House Tour: Family Room

Welcome to our family room! (a.k.a. The Basement Renovation)

I told you I wanted a colorful space! I really embraced the pastel color palette from my inspiration art. And I'm quite content with the incredibly happy vibe of this room - especially since it's in the basement and therefore not the sunniest of spaces.

Though hallelujah for some sunshine that made these photos infinitely better than the nursery ones.

One of my rules - paint your ceiling the same color as your walls if the room has weird angles or a low ceiling AND no crown-molding. Really opens up the space.

The sectional was a must-have for TV-watching and multi-friend entertaining and we are so far very pleased with our IKEA choice. I made my striped pillows out of Scalamandre's Jambalaya - the color combo of the fabric was completely on point. The additional pillows were a very serendipitous HomeGoods find.

There is my mirror score in all of its glory. We had a silver rectangular mirror there before and it was very blah. This mirror really warms up the space and ties together the brass accents.

My art wall is way awkward due to the wee window and the electrical panel, so I thought a shelf might be a good way to bestow some order on the haphazard wall chunk I had to work with.

I bought these vintage chairs like five years ago. For real. And they have sat and sat and sat. And then we needed some small seating to go with the sectional and kind of "rope off" the TV area and wouldn't you know these guys were perfect. And I had some of that rad Cowtan & Tout neutral stripe that helped ground some of the color explosion.

This area is admittedly less zhushed. And that's on purpose as I want this to be a graphic black/white/neutral situation to serve as an anchor to the colorful couch that it faces. But I think we still need a little something on this wall of the room - not sure what that is yet.

O'verlays, y'all.  A total IKEA game-changer. These panels are the Cheryle and totally jazzed up the IKEA Malm dresser.

Now we have arrived at Ana Claire's Clubhouse. This area has been SO useful since AC's arrival. She spends her days with a nanny at home and we really needed a good spot for them to hang out and play. For now, since Ana Claire is teeny, this is a good sized area for her to sit and play and bang on things. Once she gets bigger, we'll see what adjustments are needed but this works for now.

And a shout-out to the vintage tea cart that is serving as my end table. It was a welcome hand-me-down from Carter's stepdad and it works great here.

These awesome chairs were actually my family's formal dining set growing up. Go mom and dad. I definitely plucked them from their spot of 20-something years to use them here.
Vintage + free + good-looking = #winning.

I know the changing table is super chic...keepin' it real. Since this is Ana Claire's Clubhouse, the girl needed some facilities.

I am not doing Kerry's painting justice. I hung it too high and it needs a frame, but once I fix those items it will look even more amazing in this nook.

I think down the line the goal is built-ins on this wall, but I had to give the man a break.

Speaking of the man, WOAH. Did you see what Carter was able to do WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS? He basically built this room all by himself. He has some skillz. He did drywall, installed flooring, ran baseboard, painted, installed lighting. I am still impressed with what he accomplished.

For effect, before:

And same view, after:

Do you like?

Sectional - IKEA Karlstad (our shade of green seems to be no longer available)
Ottoman - Target (no longer see the lavender version)
Rug - Rugs USA Sierra Paddle
Striped pillow fabric - Scalamandre Jambalaya
Other pillows - HomeGoods
Mirror - TJMaxx
Wall shelf - Home Decorators
Pastel prints - Susan Schwake
Tea cart side table - vintage
Orange lamp - HomeGoods
Cane tub chairs - vintage
Tub chair fabric - Cowtan & Tout (forget the pattern name)
Orange side table - HomeGoods
Media cabinet - IKEA Malm with O'verlays Cheryle pattern (15% off with code YAY15 until 9/14/13)
Brass stool pair - Nate Berkus for HSN (no longer available)
Play quilt - LuluBelleQuilts on Etsy
Toy storage - Badger Baskets via Amazon (here & here)
White dining table - IKEA Docksta
Wicker dining chairs - vintage
Gold shelves - IKEA Vittsjo
Abstract painting - Kerry Steele
Brass metal light fixture - Uttermost Alita


  1. Beautiful!! Such a transformation!

  2. Anonymous9/10/2013

    Glad to see the lavender ottoman worked out for you. I ended up getting one too and had it recovered with a remnant I scored at Haute. I also ended up having Plexicraft make me a large lucite tray for the top. Took a little bit of trial and error, but the tray is so functional while still allowing the fabric to be seen. This is probably blasphemous, but I'd consider hanging Kerry's painting vertically. At least temporarily while you keep it out of Anna Claire's reach.

  3. Anonymous9/10/2013

    Forgot to say the room looks great! You and your husband both did a great job and I think I'm going to go get those Ikea etageres for my office. Are they sturdy?

    1. They are pretty sturdy. Great for object display but maybe not the best for heavy book handling :)

    2. Anonymous9/12/2013

      Thank you. Another one - I did a round up of the various gold spray paints bloggers have used vs. gold leafing (which sounds like a total pita). Which one did you use and are you pleased with the color in person? Looks great in photos. Thanks!

  4. That is amazing! It's so hard to believe that the room is a basement. You really made it come to life, D. Nice work on your part and Carter's!

  5. This is so insanely awesome. Well done!!

  6. Anonymous9/10/2013

    My name is Kim, and I simply don't have my passwords handy....anyhooo....your transformation is fabulous and cheerful. The mood is completely uplifting, and I have been following you for several months now, and just love to see the beautiful things you are noticing and what you accomplish. Great work!

  7. Anonymous9/10/2013

    This room turned out just perfect lots of colors and textures but still very inviting just one "Question" where did you get the "HOKIE" print we are a "HOKIE" family and have never seen that print?

    1. It was a gift to Carter from his stepdad...not sure where it's from. We are Wahoos :)

  8. Super cute room. Thanks for mentioning my artwork too. I love the dining set most.

  9. I love it! One of the best looking basements that I have ever seen. What a great place for Ana Claire to hang out. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a transformation! So lovely. And I always forget about Ikea! Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Oh, it looks great. I love the color palette and the art. My basement is a hot mess.

  12. Looks so good! Love that rug!


  13. Which color is the rug?

  14. What a beautiful room! I arrived at this page after I searched Google for the Sierra Paddle Rug (which color do you have?), and had no idea I would get so much more inspiration than just the rug! Love all of the colors and combination of styles.


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