Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family Photos

Do you remember my friend, Crystal? She helped me with this project and took these photos. She's super duper creative and talented and I'm pretty lucky to have her as my friend, fellow web designer and boss (it's pretty sweet when your good friend is your boss!), fellow new mom (her daughter Paige was born one week after Ana Claire)...and now family photographer.

We had Crystal and Paige over last week for a family photoshoot and I've been dying to share some of the photos with you! Take a look at some of the great shots we got:

 All photos by Crystal Ku Downs

Yes, I'm proud. Ana Claire is just so stinkin' cute and Crystal did a great job of capturing the joy we've been feeling around here lately. Hope you liked the little glimpse of my family.

If you live in the DC area, Crystal takes on photography clients (family shoots, engagement shoots, etc) from time to time. Email me if you're interested.



  1. Too cute! Love her outfit in the first pic! Take care, Caroline

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!

  3. So beautiful! I especially like the black and white shot.

  4. cherish these moments and fabulous pictures!

  5. She is just absolutely, utterly charming! That first photo is so adorable: Dads and daughters, a very special relationship!!


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