Monday, February 25, 2013

Catalog Pick: Pierced Moroccan Ceiling Light

The quest to find a good-looking ceiling light at a decent price is always a difficult one, right? And unless you live with tall ceilings (if you do, I'm jealous), you likely have tried to find something attractive that you won't hit your head on at some time or another.

So you'll understand why I was thrilled to see this Pierced Moroccan Metal Ceiling Light in the latest Shades of Light catalog. It's oh-so lovely but sits nice and close to your ceiling:

I'm sure this fixture throws the prettiest light patterns on the ceiling when turned on. And the best part? It's $99! That's reasonable for something attractive and different. I would LOVE to see a series of these used down a long hallway...imagine the look of sophisticated, glammed-up paper lanterns lighting your path. And I think the globe shape would also be great in a bathroom where you might want the aesthetic a little more tailored.

Do you like it? How would you use it? They also have it in white!


  1. I did that in a clients little girls room and it was precious!! Twinkled at night and a great price. Would definitely use again!

  2. Lighting in your home is one of those items that you don’t always notice when it has a good presence and feeling when you’re in the space. Although, when the lighting is poor and you are trying to perform a task, or you feel the opposite of how you would like to feel in the space, you notice it immediately.


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