Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Crush

Photo by Thomas Loof for House Beautiful

I'm not one for gray walls or gray in general. I see the appeal of the neutral's just not one of my favorite colors to work with. But this office situation, designed by Ashley Whittaker, is an example of gray I can get on board with. The wall color is really, really pretty contrasted with the beautiful ceiling molding. And the modern art in a vibrant tone of orchid with that gold lamp help to make the space feel lively and anything but drab. Are you a fan of gray?

We have a busy weekend that I'm looking forward to...hope you are excited for yours as well. See you next week!


  1. Anonymous3/14/2014

    No. I am not a fan of gray either. I ended up painting 2 of our 4 bathrooms gray and one is wallpapered in "Twiggy" by Schumacher in gray and white. This is because we did all Carrara and Calcutta marble. In the 4th bath we did a lot of white glossy beveled subway tile so we painted it a pale aqua blue. Had so much strong color in my house prior. I went to pale neutrals. Painted the mbr a pale blue...thought it was going to be more aqua, too. Nope. I hate it. I wish I Had either left it tan as it had been re-painted or else done it in a deeper brown tone. I have the ubiquitous "Something's Gotta Give" kitchen and family room and the walls in there are BM Marine white which I really like. But no, I am not a big fan of gray. I wanted to do one of the bath's in a wallpaper called Rimini Rib but you have to order a minimum of 30 yards and it would have been @ $5000 to do that bath including the paper hanger...seemed ridiculous.

  2. You might be surprised by this, but I absolutely adore gray. I hate white and I detest beige, but I love gray. It is my go-to neutral. I just did a condo with gray walls throughout. And it is the perfect neutral with Chinoiserie.

  3. Anonymous3/23/2014

    I'm not a gray fan either. Love blue with a gray undertone, but straight up gray is too cool for me. Just like the anon above, I also have the "Something's Gotta Give" kitchen. The previous owners had the open kitchen/breakfast/living room painted a pale gray. It was one of the first things I changed. Granted, it was featured in the Washington Post when it was gray so maybe I should have kept it, but I just prefer warmer colors.


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