Monday, March 24, 2014

Caspari Garden Follies

My hair clogged the shower drain for the 372nd time this weekend. Since my last hairball killed the snake-thingy, we were due for a new one. So Sunday afternoon, Carter and I popped into the neighborhood hardware store that happens to have a little gift section at the front and, Y'ALL, I made quite the discovery. That I'm obsessing over.

Caspari has a new (at least to me) Chinoiserie print!

And it's EVERYTHING. I'm so in love. Say hello to Garden Follies (cue the chorus of angels):

{{Standing Ovation}}

The place cards! I can not even.

Chinoiserie lovers, is this not perfection in a plate? A PAPER plate. If you are hosting anything this spring - baby shower, bridal shower, lunch, brunch, whatever - THIS is the pattern for you. It screams spring and the color palette is beyond amazing. Red chargers. Pink candles. Green glasses. Butterflies galore. Bamboo flatware. The table-setting possibilities abound.

Way to clog the drain, dark tresses. High-five. Teamwork leads to beautiful results and you can be sure that I will be adding these items to my Caspari collection. #casparihoarder

UPDATE: This is likely obvious to many of you, but this is indeed a collaboration between the artist Harrison Howard and Caspari. I can't think of a better combination! Read more about it here...


  1. Daniela! I am SO going to get these for my baby showers this summer :) LOVE LOVE LOVE any/all chinoiserie.

  2. Is this Harrison Howard's artwork?

    1. Yes! This is a collaboration between Caspari and the artist. Dream team combo :)

  3. Anonymous4/15/2014

    Harrison Howard is a wonderful, imaginative creator of Chinoiserie magic in watercolors and gouaches and the giclee prints of those originals. See his inspired works at It is a very beautiful site. He has now collaborated with Caspari, the premier manufacturer of high-end paper goods for dining that is an exquisite translation of his unique and colorful style. I decorated two rooms in my home around some of his artwork
    that I was fortunate to see online and after visiting his website. He is a gifted artist in so many ways and the partnership with Caspari is terrific. I found it here! On A.O. Thank you!


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