Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Renovated Vermont Farmhouse

I'll put it out into the universe that Carter and I would love to buy an old farmhouse (someday). Something small and humble that needs renovation but with great views of the Blue Ridge. A home we could use as a weekend place to start and maybe a forever home down the road.

Hopefully someday I'll be blogging about said renovation and I wouldn't mind if it looked a lot like this home in Vermont belonging to Jane Benson Ackerman:

Photos by Eric Roth for This Old House

Requirement for the farmhouse? A beautiful dining table in the kitchen...

...and a sink like this.

 Beautiful built-ins.

 Love the red-painted stair treads.

Awesomely cozy guest room with a red-painted floor. Imagine how gorgeous in the snow.

The tile combo is distinct paired with mint green walls.

What do you think? Love it as much as I do? Check out more pictures of this home here. The interiors skew a teeny bit country for me, but the architecture and features are right up my alley. A perfect addition to my dream files.

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