Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Crush

I have to thank fellow blogger Meg for tweeting about this Havertys commercial because it's hilarious. I think I've seen this one on TV but had not seen Part II. I deem clever marketing for a furniture company blog-worthy (and successful since I'm blogging about it).

"Why aren't you ripped like your dad?"

Have a great weekend...see you Monday!


  1. Had not seen this one! Love the first one with the plaid shirt/jacket combo. This one has all kinds of lovely awkwardness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janet Marks8/24/2012

    Very clever advertising! Let's hear it for Havertys!!!!

  3. Made my day. Hilarious!

  4. I have a new respect for that labeled "settee."

    I am also enamored with the lovely lass so proud of her settee and I would revel with liver quivering delight to spend the rest of my life sharing that settee with the lovely lass.


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