Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Crush

I thoroughly enjoy the bookcases that Jamie posts on her blog and this has to be one of my favorites. Joyous details abound but what actually caught my eye was the cheetah (leopard?) statue on the bottom shelf of the end table. Not the statue itself, though lovely, but its placement. I find the second rung of a table to be an awkward space for me - I never know what to put there. It's too low for display of photos or objects so I typically just stack it with magazines and call it a day, knowing it's a lost opportunity. But I LOVE this idea of one large, eye-catching statue or art object. It is splendidly perfect in this arrangement and I will quickly be putting this knowledge to good use.

Paint samples are up in the nursery and the goal is to have a painted room by the end of the weekend. Wish us luck! Have a fabulous weekend in your neck of the woods...see you Monday!


  1. Agree with you totally about accessory for bottom shelf! Cheetah is a neat option for this room.

  2. Looove this! I have had my eyes on that snakeskin side table for a while now, from Society Social. Such a fun piece!

  3. Hey Daniela! I love that leopard too! How are you? I am doing some catching up on my blog reading this weekend. Can't wait to see the nursery! Hope you have a great weekend and are feeling well! Lisa

  4. Oh and I wanted to tell you about a cute resource for nurseries in case you don't know it but you probably already do!

  5. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Thanks for reminding me of the Nina Campbell paper - I was ready to order it for a bedroom several years ago and then discovered that we were moving. Now I want it again! That and the matching stripe is just what my guest room needs - the black colorway is wonderful, too.


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