Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Crush

Shut up. I love this chandy. I could see it looking fantastic in so many different rooms. Could you imagine it in a dining room? As in, my dining room? Amazing. If you have a cool $2K and need a purple glass chandelier, click here.

My bathroom and I got in a fight last weekend. I had to walk away and regroup this week, and I'm willing to work on repairing our relationship this coming weekend. We also have a fun lunch date with great friends and more progress toward completing our fireplace on the schedule. I'm looking forward to it - hope you all have a sunny summer weekend. See you Monday!


  1. I would love to see it in a purple painted or papered dining room :-) yummy!

  2. who doesnt need a purple chandelier! I DOOOO

  3. Oh! Man, can I see that in either a really DEEP purple painted room, or a very lavendar painted room (or light lavendar decorated/accented room) - I DO love it, as you do! Please SPLURGE and buy it and show us did with it. (You don't need to eat, do you? Come on, you can shell out a couple a thousand! Oh, all right, NEITHER CAN I!! LOL!) But, it IS nice... Hey, get some lottery tickets, no? :)
    Best regards,

  4. wow 2k thats crazy xxx

  5. Shut up indeed! Love, love, love this!


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