Monday, July 12, 2010

The AO House: Bathroom During

As promised, here are pictures of our bathroom "during". In looking for photos to post, I realized we don't have great ones, but these shots for the most part show what we've done with the space.

Click here for the before pictures. Now the during:

We started remodeling the bathroom as soon as we moved in, so knowing NOTHING about remodeling, we kept everything simple and white. We picked up the subway tile and the wainscotting at Home Depot. The wainscotting came in a nice kit with the chair rail and baseboard that was easy for Carter to install.

We found the floor tile (also white) at a local tile store, and the Kohler toilet and sink at Lowe's. The faucet fixtures we bought online, because I couldn't find anything I loved in the stores. And the tub, as I mentioned in my past post, we had reglazed white to cover its previous mustard color. The tub currently in the bathroom is a cast iron number, so it would be nearly impossible to remove it from the bathroom to replace it with a new one. For the hassle and expense, we decided reglazing was our best option.

It was a lot of work for Carter and his dad, but we're happy with the result and the bathroom (mostly to be used by guests) is now a fresh, clean space. It  definitely needed some color to warm it up and give it some character, which has been my project for the last couple of weeks.

This weekend, I finally found a good color to go with and I'm almost done with the final touches. Pictures to come as soon as the "after" is complete!


  1. This looks great! The wainscot makes such a huge difference from the old tile. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. I absolutely love the hardware you selected.

  3. Hello there! Although I was 'picking on you' a little bit on a previous post for getting rid of the yellow, I must say that this looks wonderful!! And you are not even done yet, so I can imagine how fantastic it will look when it is completed. Great job!! I take back my comments about the yellow. :)
    Best regards,

  4. Looks really good. I like the taps and maybe I'm getting into the detail a bit much but the curtain rail and hooks are great too. They often let the room down as an afterthought but these are lovely.

  5. And so, my love affair with plumbing hardware continues...

  6. One word...yummy!!!


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