Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Every day, I take a moment to delight in something I'm passionate about - interior design. When I started blogging, I didn't have any expectations. I just knew it would be fun to put my [constant, consuming] thoughts on virtual paper. And fun it is.

There's actually a lot for me to say about blogging, but the singular best thing about this experience has been the people I have met, virtually and face-to-face. What felt like overnight, I was introduced to so many fellow bloggers that share my interest with the same passion and zeal - and I've learned so much from these new friends.

Today I stand with my blog friends remembering Marija of Holding Court. She shared our passion and our zeal. I did not know Marija personally, but a fellow voice is gone and it's a sad day in the blogosphere.


  1. Oh my goodness... I just went to the blog and read the story, written by her husband. I left a comment. How tragic. And the fact that she has two small children is so, so sad. Thanks for letting me know. I will say a prayer for the family.

  2. It's such a tragedy. Marija was such a wonderful person and addition to the design blogosphere. And I can't imagine what her young family must be going through right now.


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