Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabric Joy

My, my, my, have I found a wonderful fabric to share. Have you seen Kravet's Teablossom print? Feast your eyes:

The coral version is just delightful. I see this fabric on a gorgeous upholstered bench and some chairs in a breakfast nook...or as curtains in a colorful, feminine, Chinoiserie bedroom. All of my favorite colors are represented - green, turquoise, orange, coral. I love using this kind of print to bring lots of colors together in one room.

Kravet is obvi to the trade, but I did see it online here for ordering. And if you do buy some, tell me what you did with it! Would love to see this fabric in action.


  1. This is a pretty print. Just as an FYI, G Street Fabrics has the Kravet books in the home decor section so if you are dying to see it in person you probably can :)

  2. Ooo, I might have to do that! Susie, this fabric can be ordered through you, right?

  3. Yes, it can. Under my model it is about $13 less per yard. Still a pricey fabric though. BTW, we really need to meet before I move....and now that I am out of the sick all of the time first 18 weeks of my pregnancy!

  4. Hi Daniela - I love this fabric! I just used the coral colorway for draperies in a clients guest room. Wasabi green walls and this fabric are amazing together..Check it out here.....

    Yur blog is truly one of my favorites - thanks!

  5. Digs, I love it! And that wall color is amazing.

  6. LOVE this Teablossom fabric, thank you , kindly!!!I'm all giddy, I haven't seen this pattern, just what I was looking for! Need to order ASAP! By the way, love your blog! Just discovered you & all your bright & shiny inspiration..


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