Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watery Blues

Two years (and change) into owning our home, we are now contemplating the renovation of our basement. Our basement is a little gold mine of space - three rooms, a laundry area, and a full bath. And it's half finished, so we have a good starting point.

Our house desperately needs a "comfy" den - somewhere to relax on a big couch and watch TV. We currently house our TV in our living room, but it's not the most comfortable place to stretch out and relax. So the plan is to turn the largest of the three rooms in the basement into this space.

I'd love for it to look something like this:

Design by Anne Hepfer, Photo by Virginia Macdonald, via

Remember I said it is a basement den, so forget the natural light. That won't be happening. But I love the lighter, watery tones of the room, as well as the deep brown wood. Aqua blues, sandy taupes, brass accents.

Carter is terrified that I'm going to put foo dogs in every corner of the basement den, which he has claimed as his territory. Though I am not allowing use of the term "man cave," I do agree that it will be a space for him to work (we'll likely move his desk there) and relax. So, the design of the space needs to suit big C, which isn't a huge challenge because the man has good taste.

The brainstorming has officially begun...I'm hoping we tackle the space this fall. I'm really looking forward to this (future) project - should be a fun room to put together!



  1. I can't stand the phrase "man cave"! It just icks me out. I do love those gold/brass curtain rods! They just add a little extra special something...

    Have fun!

  2. What a gorgeous room! I love the colors. I can't wait to see how you decorate your basement.


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