Thursday, July 21, 2011


Photo by Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living, Design by Annie Werden*

Peach is one of those colors, along with maroon and hunter green, that has not seen its heyday since 1983. Or is that too harsh an assessment? I know I tend to stay away from it. But then I saw this image, with all its freshness and whatnot, and started to see the merits of this apricot hue.

I absolutely LOVE that piece of art against the white wall and fireplace. Peach + white + taupe is quite the chic combination. And with brass accessories (and a shout-out to those urns in the windows), well, it's good. Really good.

I shouldn't be surprised that I'm coming around to the virtue of peach - it is, after all, what you get when you mix Orange and Pink.

*UPDATE: Reader Kristin let me know that the pic is from Baltimore designer Annie Werden's home, as seen in the March 2011 Southern Living (how on earth did I miss it when I looked at the issue??) And the painting is "The Cotton Candy Machine" by her aunt Martha Dodd. Thanks Kristin!


  1. The whole house is fabulous! Historic neighborhood in Baltimore , MD called Cedarcroft . I believe it was featured in Traditional Home (April/May)?

  2. I bought my first condo in 1985, and it was done in peaches & grays - very "hip" back then.

    This room is lovely - it's peach without being overpowering!

  3. the peach is just enough! so pretty in this room.

  4. i'm about 90% sure this was featured in southern living at some point this spring. don't hold me to that!


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