Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rustic Color from Jeffers Design Group

I am starting to have a serious obsession with the work of San Francisco-based Jeffers Design Group. Ever since this bathroom caught my eye, I've been interested in the spaces created by this group of talented designers.

My recent review of their portfolio just has me spellbound. In particular, this project:

All images via jeffersdesigngroup.com

I am not one for rustic spaces. And let's be honest, this home isn't exactly "rustic" - but the woodwork throughout (ceiling beams, doors) and earthy walls and flooring do give it that vibe. So I LOVE the mix of modern art and vibrant furniture with an otherwise "natural" space. Can't say I've seen this done too often.

If I lived on a California ranch, this is what my ideal home would look like. What talent, this JDG. There is nothing better than being completely inspired.


  1. Love the art in all of the spaces, the console in the entry and those dining chairs! They not only have talent, but are so original. Very nice!


  2. Anonymous7/13/2011

    This is absolutely incredible. I can't remember the last time I saw something I liked so well. Love the mid-century vibe and that credenza - Oh!


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