Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gil Schafer's Greek Revival

I live for Saturday mornings. Carter and I wake up, pluck Ana Claire from her crib, brew two cups of coffee and head to our den where we watch old episodes of This Old House until the reality of weekend chores sets in.

This past weekend, we were watching this episode which included a tour of an upstate New York home done in the Greek Revival style (the same style being used on part of the project home).

Here's Norm standing in front of the visited home with architect Gil Schafer...who I now understand is brilliant.

That's a cruddy screenshot of the show. I think this home is Gil's. Not sure, but that's the sense I got from the interview as they walked through the house.

This house is beyond amazing. I think I stood up in the den and spilled my coffee to get closer to the screen to jump up and down and praise its beauty. It's not large (and I think it's meant to be a cozy vacation escape) but it's perfectly scaled. And the details are stunning. And get this....IT WAS A NEW BUILD.  That was the headline of the TOH piece...a new house built with old details. I was shocked that the house had no history...bits and pieces of it do...but it was definitely built from scratch with details to give it a sense of place.

Here are some great pictures from Gil's website that really showcase the home's charm:

^ Entry Hall ^

^ Dining Room / Library ^

^ Living Room ^

^ Kitchen ^

^ Bedroom ^

^ Bathroom  ^


Now excuse my video screenshots, but I thought some details were worth exploring...

^ Amazing entry with beautiful mouldings...^

^ Details like pocket doors and mercury door knobs ^

^ Reclaimed wood floors ^

^ An awesome butler's pantry with apron-front sink and vintage lighting ^

^ This kitchen is beyond words, I love it so. Butcher block counters! A painted wood floor. Vintage lighting. Glass-front cabinets. Great hardware. Modern appliances. A dining table. A FIREPLACE. ^

^ View of dining room/library looking into the living room. Love the shared fireplace and the double entry. ^

^ Another view of the living room. Love the art perched on the cabinet. Love the natural floorcovering done wall-to-wall...really grounds a very traditional space. Also, note the floor-to-ceiling awesome. ^

^ The hallway that runs from front to back of the house with the stairwell. ^

I think this house would be very at home in Virginia horse country...say, Charlottesville...a place Carter and I would be very happy living. Hmmm....

So I'm now obsessed with Gil Schafer's work. 

Update: thank you to my awesome commenters I now know Miles Redd had a hand in the interiors. And it appears the book already exists - I want it. Apparently I've been living under a rock to have just discovered Mr. Schafer's talent. 

Check out Gil's website here...


  1. Anonymous1/15/2014

    Miles Redd collaborated on interior design - there are also some photos on his website I believe.

    1. Thank you , Anon! I was wondering who was responsible for the interior design...I'll check out that tip.

    2. Anonymous1/15/2014

      Schafer writes about collaborating with Redd in his book "The Great American House." (One of my fave design books - also LOVE the Tennessee home he renovated and which David Netto decorated. Liz

  2. I have always loved this house since I first saw it featured in a great design book entitled, "Creating a New Old House" by R. Versaci. I was so surprised to see you posting about! A happy surprise, of course. Pick up the book... you will enjoy it E

  3. Oh how I want that entry-way wallpaper for my dining room..... it looks a lot like a Thibaut I've been eyeing, but I can't find a source on either website. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Gil has an innate sense of design as well as knowledge of those elements and details which are appropriate to the style and age of the house. In addition, he has great taste and a very discerning eye. An accomplished and talented architect, Gil is a gentleman -- humble and thoughtful.


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