Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fetching In The Fan

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Remember my friend Julianne (a.k.a. Mason's mom*)?
Julianne has a sister named Willa.
Willa has a sister-in-law named Kate.
Kate lives in Richmond, Virginia...


Kate shares this fetching home in the Fan District of Richmond - a historic, beautiful part of the city - with her husband and three kids. She paired her fantastic taste with the talent of her interior designer Lesley Glotzl and these ladies created an eclectic stunner of a home for a young family.

This is just good on the eyeballs:


I just die over traditional pieces paired with modern elements and bold colors. It works. And this house has so much personality. It does not at all feel "designed"...it just feels like a well collected, beautifully mixed home. I especially love the art! And that dining room with the red curtains paired with the traditional armoire, modern chairs, and gold light fixture. Yes, yes, yes.

Julianne shared this little gem with me a while back but I was holding on to it as a good way to kick off 2014 on AO!

Check out the rest of Lesley's work here...and check out Kate's website (she's a blogger among many talents).

*p.s. Today is Mason's birthday! Happy birthday, Mason!


  1. It is fabulous! As a Richmond resident, I am very familiar with the old world charm of Fan houses, but have never seen one look so fresh and bright. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, this is exactly the inspiration I needed. I find it so hard to pull off the mix of modern and traditional and these images are really, really helpful. This is exactly what I'm going for and couldn't have come at a better moment. Thanks for sharing!


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