Monday, January 13, 2014

Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

As I mentioned in this post, Ana Claire had a Raggedy Ann-themed first birthday party. I really tried not to go overboard...and since the party had to be inside due to the cold of December, I had to keep the guest list slim. But let's be clear that my natural reaction was to make this the Party Of The Century...especially when Pinterest sends your party-planning mind into overdrive.

So what's the best way to prep for your daughter's first birthday party? THE STOMACH FLU! Naturally.

Carter and I were DOWN for TWO DAYS the week before the party. TWO DAYS. And my company holiday party was the night before her 11 am party...and apparently drinking two glasses of wine after having the stomach flu is equivalent to taking 73 shots of let's just say my 6 am wake-up call to finish the party prep the next morning was miserable. There might have been a 9 am breakdown where I asked Carter to call everyone to cancel.

But alas...I found my inner strength...Carter rallied...and we pulled it off. I didn't get to the cupcake picks. Or hanging the lanterns. And the cake wasn't really baked in the center (no one ate it). But as you can see from the pictures, the event was still delightfully cute. And the most important customer surely didn't care that not all of the items on my Pinterest board were completed.

Have a look at our sweet celebration:

All photos by Crystal Downs

 ^ My favorite picture ^

 ^ I made the cake but got the topper on Etsy ^

 ^ Kettle Corn favors!! ^

 ^ Mac n Cheese cups & Ham Biscuits ^

And here are the best pictures of all...the birthday girl in striped tights.


It was a great party. Ana Claire was surrounded by people who love her. She thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake. I wouldn't change a thing :)


  1. What a lovely party! Those tights!!

  2. Adorable! Ana Claire looks like she is having a blast!

  3. So sweet! Congratulations on your first year!

  4. Such a darling party with the cutest little girl. Happy 1st Birthday!!!! And many many more fun birthdays.

  5. Jennifer Dengel1/13/2014

    Very sweet post!

  6. It's the cutest party I've ever seen! Great photos (especially those last few, but with a subject like that…)

  7. Oh my goodness, was that not the cutest party ever?! So impressed. Do you do party planning too, Daniela? You should! And your sweet little lady--just precious.

  8. Hi Daniela! This birthday party was adorable! I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you found the birthday invitations? They look like a Minted design but I haven't been able to find anything similar online. Thank you!

    1. I designed them, Katie! The perks of being a graphic designer. Glad you like them!

    2. Anonymous4/30/2016

      Do you sell the invites?


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