Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Catalog Pick: Aztec Pillows

Stumbled across some fancy pillows at Home Decorators that I thought we should all put on our radar. I love a good Southwestern motif and the cobalt + black color combo is 100% on point.

Both from the Aztec Collection (which apparently is only comprised of these two pillows):

The square Xtec Pillow is 18", $35 INCLUSIVE of the insert and ships free. The lumbar Diamond Southwest Pillow is $32 INCLUSIVE of the insert and ships free. This is a stylish deal to be had, folks. Both should likely be purchased and mix and match away with what you have now.

And I'll be Capt. Obvious that new pillows are the perfect way to usher in Fall and spice up your current look and these are oh-so warm and moody. Do it!


  1. Daniela these are beautiful and I know just the friend who would love them!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

  2. I'm suddenly having a hankering for an Adirondack manse in the Hamptons (lovely!).


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