Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snug as a Bug

Say hello to this rug.

LOVE it. It's a wee one - only 2'x3' - but it's also only 10 bones, currently available online in Urban Outfitters' sale section. The freeform chevron pattern is terrific, and I adore the color scheme. This would be the perfect little accent in a doorway, or perhaps in a bathroom or kitchen. Oh, the possibilities (and did I mention it's only $10??)

Also in the sale section are these little flat-woven numbers, coming in at $49.99 for 5'x7' goodness - not bad.

Definite 80s vibe with the color palette, and I think those black scribbles are cool.

We've seen various versions of black/white striped rugs everywhere, and I think this is a great take on that classic - the various color shades and stripes almost create a hyperactive marbled effect.

I could see this being very chic in a young man's apartment....or in an artsy, modern space. Also the perfect juxtaposition if you're looking for a little touch of modern in a classic or traditional room.


  1. love the color combo! sooo fab!


  2. I love urban outfitters for their sale section rugs!

    The rug in my guest room was on sale for $10 bucks and everyone raves about it.

  3. mmm...I'd use it in a bathroom -- love using a "real" rug instead of a bathmat.

    And those colors ARE fabulous. Could be the whole jumping off point for a truly stunning color palette.


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