Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bathroom Delight

Photo by Simon Upton via housebeautiful.com

I'm in the midst of picking a paint color and accents for our guest bathroom, and it's become a bit of a stressful endeavor. Seems my creative juices are spent on this house. We renovated this bathroom, and at the moment, it's a lovely white box with lots of white tile, white wainscoting and white walls...and I can't seem to pick what I want to do with it.

In searching for inspiration, I came across this picture - Ina Garten's NYC master bath - and I love it. Although my initial thought was to do something nutty in the bathroom (like paint the walls a dark, glossy navy blue), my thoughts have recently turned to something more neutral. I adore the light pink hue on these walls, coupled with what looks like a brass mirror.

And the setup is very similar to our own - we have a similar pedestal sink with the same faucet fixtures and wainscoting (albeit not marble wainscoting). I just picked up some fabric for a shower curtain that I think would work beautifully with pinkish walls and some brass accents...in this picture, the effect is a very elegant, warm bathroom. I like that.

Now, do we think Carter will let me paint it pink??


  1. Oh I say yes to Pink! Perhaps you should call it something else though to get the OK from Carter!

    I just told Jon I wanted to paint the server in the dining room PINK and I got a huge no!

  2. This is one of my designer tricks-I love Farrow & Ball paint and use it always. Plus, it comes in names that often disguise its true color-perfect! For example, Setting Plaster is a great light pink that isn't called pink. Plus, their colors are so sophisticated and have such depth and pigment that colors like pale blue and pale pink don't come off looking like a nursery.

  3. I think a neutral palate would be nice for a guest bath....we had mirrors like those in our place in Clarendon....I think we got them at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn? You may even get lucky and find them at the outlets. Agree with Beth, don't use the name pink and you can get around that issue with the husband....at least that is the advice my mom gave me....and it has so far worked with mine!

  4. I love a pale pink for a bathroom -- anything with red undertones is incredibly flattering, too!


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